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1/28/09 2:16 P

You have to take into account the body you started with. If you went from a total couch potato to working out really regularly, you're going to become much more compact but build muscle, which doesn't necessarily translate into a large weight loss relative to your change in size. I've lost nearly 75 lbs and have dropped from around a size 22 to an 8 (yes, only in some brands). I have weighed 20 lbs less than this and not been this small. Someone who was active and fit but heavy would probably not lose a lot of size as they lost weight. I know this was true for a friend of mine.

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1/28/09 1:38 P

There is no one, perfect, 100% accurate answer. A pound of fat and a pound of muscle have distinctly different measurements. A pound of muscle is much more dense and takes up considerably less space than a pound of fat. Because of that, it is really a matter of simply being persistent until you get the results you want, rather than shooting for a hard number on the scale as a goal.

Building plenty of lean muscle in addition to calorie attention for weight loss should put you well on your way. That answer doesn't help set a weight loss goal in pounds, but it is the best I could put together!

1/28/09 1:36 P

There isn't an answer to your question. Everyone gains and loses differently. Just cardio, cardio, cardio my friend!

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1/28/09 1:34 P

I suggest you watch your body. Everybody body is different. I would look at the measurements each month and note what you did to make that change. For example. If your inches came off around the stomach look at the exercise you did in that month and focus on that if that is where you want to loose those inches. For me my inches around my hips goes first and than in the stomach area. I do alot of cardio workout but like I said, my body makeup is totally different from yours. I carry most of my weight in my tail!!! I think that is because that is the built I have from my family gene!!!

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1/28/09 1:13 P

I've been eating 1200 calories and working out since Dec. 5th 2008 and so far I've only lost about 7lbs and about 12 inches.

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1/28/09 11:57 A

This is one hard question that can not be given a direct answer... everyone loses weight in different places. All that you can do is work towards your goal and keep measuring yourself. If it's your goal to lose inches rather than weight, great job already! Too many people rely on that pesky scale.

1/28/09 11:55 A

Not sure!

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1/27/09 9:07 A

Thanks for the info JLYNNEMILLER, that's helpful!

1/27/09 2:07 A


According to my brother who majored in fitness and nutrition, a one-inch loss (measuring either waist or hips) equals approx. 4 - 5 pounds of body fat. I've lost about 8 inches off my waist and 8 inches off my hips, and about 45 pounds, so it was a pretty accurate measure for me. If you want to lose 6 inches around your waist and hips, you would need to lose approx. 24 to 30 pounds. Hope this helps!

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1/26/09 8:06 P

I was thinking about this question recently. I ran across a blog entry of a woman who used a "nutritional cleansing system" for a month, and she claims she lost 7 pounds (no biggy, there) but also 14.5 inches. (4 on her waist, alone) Now, I would say she is probably 5'7", and she says she weighs around 130lbs. Would that amount of inches really be possible with a 7 pound loss?

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1/26/09 5:57 P

You can't really dictate where you'll lose inches, and your body might not lose the inches you want from the places you want. For example, you might end up losing 8 inches around your thighs and only 3 from your hips and 2 from your waist. For me, I've found something like roughly 10 pounds per inch, but it changes as I get smaller. It really depends on your body, and how its composition is changing!

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1/26/09 5:29 P

I suspect that there isn't one answer.

Think about a 4'11" tall woman and a 6'5" tall man. If you are shorter, it takes fewer extra pounds to add inches to your waist. Think also about someone who is muscular already and someone who never exercises. The muscular person may gain pounds and lose inches at the same time.

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1/26/09 5:20 P

I want to loose 6 inches around my waist, 6 inches around my hips and 4 around each thigh. I have started to do about 30-45 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of strenght training 3-4 times a week and have lost about ten pounds, along with eating healtier. I am just wondering around how many pounds ill have to loose to loose these inches. Is there a lb to inch ratio or something? thanks emoticon

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