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HOLAPOLA1 Posts: 2
8/26/10 12:21 A

thank you still trying to learn how use this website just getting started so I appreciate your suggestion that will help especially since I have become a big fan of Clean eating magazine which does a lot of great recipes for people on a budget.

JULESCP Posts: 1,375
8/25/10 1:26 P

The meal plans didn't work for me. It was much easier to buy my own healthier food choices and log them in myself. If you're having trouble using the food plans, know that you don't have to.

As for your kids, remember that you're the parent. They either need to eat what you're serving or go hungry, right? Healthier eating is better for everyone in the long run. My teenager balked at first but I put my foot down and eventually she's come around to say that it's really yummy to eat in a healthy way.

HOLAPOLA1 Posts: 2
8/25/10 10:57 A

how do i use the menu plan to feed myself & teens on single moms tight budget? I like the menu plan but my teens won't eat what I am eating how do I incorporate them without compromising myself. Especially on a very tight grocery budget? emoticon

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