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3/8/13 5:33 P

When I first tried cutting my portions back I felt this way. I also suffered from nausea, light-headedness and hunger PAIN. I was even being woken in the middle of the night with it. What I did was go back up and gradually work back down.

I would suggest that if you teach yourself to track properly you may find the 'starving' part of the problem. It may be you are eating too little at those times. It may be you aren't eating enough fat (I was eating waaaaay to little) or protein. It may be that you are cutting back but still eating processed carbs (sugar/sodas/cakes/doughnuts/confectionery
, etc.) In all honesty, only be tracking will you identify the problems.

As far as eating out of boredom, get some hobbies that can take your mind off food. Come to SP and read the articles - here is a link to one that deals with this subject:

You have a new baby (congratulations :-) - and this could be part of it. If you are breastfeeding, then you will need to eat more than an average person. Are you feeling socially isolated? It might also pay for you to touch base with your Dr and let him/her know what is going on. An examination including taking some bloods to see if there is something medical behind it, would be helpful. Is it possible that you are suffering from Postpartum Depression?? It isn't uncommon, and can usually very easily be treated.

As far as getting things done, have you considered writing a small list of what you would like to achieve in a day. Put the most important things at the top, and then cross them off as you go. This can actually motivate people to continue and get more done than they would have otherwise. Do you have any family member or friend who may be able to help you on occasion? You never know, part of that might be bulk-cooking some soups/casseroles and freezing them in meal serves for when you are tired or don't have time. This ensures that your nutrition is more sound, more often. It also can save heaps of money. It also saves on the amount of cleaning-up to do because there's only one lot of pots/pans (to me that HAS to be a win/win situation :-)

As far as dinner plates are concerned, just downsizing them can make a big difference. My husband used to have a really BIG dinner plate, and he would eat it all. He was the proverbial garbage can. Anyway, I decided I would downsize his plate a bit, but still give him a full plate. He didn't come back for seconds and didn't seem to notice. After a while, I downsized the plate again to a 9" diameter one, but still gave it to him full. He STILL didn't seem to notice. He was eating about 30-40% less for his dinner than he was initially.

Good luck

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3/8/13 5:32 P

I'll echo what others have said and say, TRACK EVERYTHING! Seriously. Every last nibble, sip, or bite- All of it. You may eat healthy things, but if portion size is off (and you said yourself you eat huge portions), then you need to figure a way to get that under control. The only way you can do that is to see what you are eating now. Then, you have the groundwork for making changes- Either eating smaller portions, adding more fruits and vegetables, etc.

I will also add that you might try a food diary. This is different that a food tracker. A food diary is where you record what you were eating and why. You will also include things like, I wanted a pie because I was angry, but I went for a walk instead. It helped, or it didn't help and I ate the pie anyway.

This way you can track what you are eating and why, and ways you try to manage the emotional/boredom/habit eating. You will be able to see what works in what situations and what doesn't.

This is what my psychologist suggested to me to help my emotional eating and it really did help a lot. This is not to say that I never emotionally eat- You can look at my tracker and figure out if I was depressed or angry one day because my calories are high, but it truly helps me, at least, to manage my eating.

Best of luck!

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3/8/13 5:09 P

Well, its both hunger and emotional/comfort eating. sometimes i will eat mindlessly becuase im bored, but more than often im just really hungry, and also in a terrible depressed mood, and i put off eating. sometimes its becuase at first im really mad and dont want to eat, or im a new mom to a 4month old and i have to take care of him first and by the time im done i go to the fridge and cabinet and just look like ugh.... dont feel like cooking and making dirty dishes and what not. and then when im in a bad mood i look to food as like a reward it will make my day better, and unfortunatly it does put me in a better mood. i associate food with like family happy time pizza and movie. food and game night.. my husband definatly doesnt help the situation becuase he will be like .. how bout some pizza to cheer you up? and most of the time i am like yea sounds good. even tho obiousslyyyy in the end it doesnt make me happy.

Also i count calories sometimes, when i am really motivated one day i will and the next i will for breakfast and then wont again for a few weeks. but i sometimes will just log what i ate just to write it down even if i dont count the calories. i definatly want to know how much im eating. and i know that it is good to know when your trying to lose weight you need to know how much is going in and if you are working out how it needs to be adjusted so you dont starve.

Usually i dont really eat that bad, its more like i eat hugggeee portions, and do not workout or anything. plus having just had a baby i gained 30 pounds. but normally for instance.. we eat tons and tons of stir frys, i dont add much oil. i have huge stash of 99% fat free ground turkey that i use for tacos, meatloaf, burgers, shepards pie... anything in place of ground beef. but .. i have been doing that for about 3 years now. i buy fat free cheese. even tho i dont eat much of it except when a recipie calls for it. we dont buy chips or cookies or ice cream and never really have. i like yogurt and fruit, i love my cereal. and i try to buy the healthier ones raisen bran , and honey bunches of oats , life, multigrain cheerios. Lately i have been eating soups for lunches. but also had a coupple screw up days where my husband and i bought... well we usualy get 2 large deep dish pizzas and a large breadstick. we both eat our own pizza, and i can usualy eat 1/2 of a large deep dish sometimes more. and breadsticks. just to give u an idea of portion sizes. and even if i eat stir fry with brown rice i have 2 hugeeee full plates like probably 2 cups of rice and 2-3 cups veggies and chicken/pork tenderloin mix on the plate but ill eat that and another plate the same size.

im just really need to find what is going to keep me from letting my emotions get in the way of good choices. i found a diet plate or just a plate that divides like one big poriton for veggies and fruits and the other two small parts on the plate for meat and the other for grains. i think i will try that out and it will be a visual reminder to how much of each food group to be eating. and maybe try and prepare some lunches in advance or something so i dont have to cook while tryign to take care of baby. and i have to start working out. sorry for this ridiculously long post... lol im going a bit crazy here

3/8/13 4:52 P

In a word: vegetables! You can fill yourself almost to bursting with fresh veggies and still have consumed very few calories. In fact, there are some days I end up UNDER my recommended calorie range even tho I'm too full to eat another bite. (BTW, going under your calories is NOT a good thing, but I'm kinda new at this and still trying to find the perfect balance for myself.)

Is calorie counting a must? I'm sure weight loss can occur without it, but knowing how many calories you eat in a day makes losing weight a heck of a lot easier. It helps you spot trends so you can make better choices. It might just surprise you when you find out that something you thought would be a good choice turns out to be not so good. And sometimes its the other way around. You think something you've eaten will put you way over your goals, but it turns out to be not so bad.

3/8/13 4:00 P

You have touched on 2 points....
1. Is it true hunger (belly hunger) that you are feeling? Then you need to be sure that you are getting at least 5-7 servings of fruits and veggies daily, 60 grams of protein, and 20 grams of fibers.


2. Is it mounth hunger from stress, bordom, emotions, etc....then it is finding others ways to bring about comfort in your life that do not involve food.

SP Dietitian Becky

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3/8/13 3:21 P

for me, tracking was really important.

it helped me see what i was eating. before tracking i underestimated portion sizes and underestimated what i was eating. things like the handful of chips i grabbed when making the kids' lunches added up. i wasn't eating enough protein, calcium or fiber. tracking helped me see that. i could also look back and see what parts of my eating could be improved.

measuring and weighing food is better than eyeballing. What i thought was a serving of cereal was really 2. a serving of ice cream is 1/2 cup. my serving was more like 1 1/2 cups.

different things work for different people, and once you are at it for a while, you will see what works for you. even if i eat a really big breakfast, i am still hungry a few hours later. but some people swear by a large breakfast. i usually have an evening snack-i can't make it from dinner to bed without a snack. but others don't eat after dinner.

good luck!

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3/8/13 3:07 P

A couple of things have really helped me with this:

1. Make sure I am getting 5 fruits or vegetables per day (with an emphasis on vegetables). These foods tend to be very filling and have low caloric density. So, I can eat a ton of food but not a ton of calories.

2. Eat frequent, smaller, balanced meals. I try to eat 5-6 times per day and keep my meals 200-300 calories. I am never hungry with this method!

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
3/8/13 2:59 P

my best advice is to eat the most filling foods out there, which to me would be beans and potatoes and broccoli. Protein is good, too. Eggs and chicken and greek yogurt are good choices.

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3/8/13 2:38 P

Are you tracking what you're eating now? Tracking and counting the calories to me is very vital. It becomes easier as you get used to it. But otherwise, I don't see how you could learn how much to eat if you don't know how much you're really eating now. Just start by tracking what you're eating, don't worry about how healthy it is. Then once you've done that for awhile, look back and see how you can make changes.

Your husband might be right. Losing weight is about calories in/calories out. So it may be that the larger portion of the healthy meal is still in a good calorie range for you. I never ate small portions throughout my entire journey. I'm not a big snacker, I like eating big meals. But what I did do, was balance them out. I cut down to smaller portions on things like empty carbs... ie pasta or potatoes, but I still ate my larger portions of veggies and meat. My SO is one who can eat a ton and not gain weight, so I would always measure out what I had planned to eat (more on that below), and then also measure out another serving to eat for lunch the next day. After that, the rest of the food was fair game for him.

The other key for me was planning out everything I put in my mouth, in advance. After you do it awhile it becomes very easy. That way you're not staring at the fridge at 6pm wondering what to make for dinner, and just saying "screw it, we'll order a pizza".

Also, it does take time. It's very hard to go from eating huge portions (I know, I used to eat 2 huge cheeseburgers and a huge bag of fries in one sitting) to eating something that's more reasonable. Just make small changes... make your portions smaller each week, until they're down to where they need to be.

Also once you're used to it, you will know what your eating and hunger patterns are like. For me, I'm not hungry in the mornings, so as much as everyone says you need to eat a big breakfast, I just don't. I have a small one, but I really don't eat a lot until lunch. I have big lunches and big dinners. Other people prefer to have a big breakfast, and smaller lunch and dinners, and snack a lot throughout the day. It really just depends and you will get the hang of it once you've been at it awhile.

Another saying I always keep in mind is "Progress, not Perfection". Just keep making progress :)

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3/8/13 2:30 P

Counting calories is ABSOLUTELY necessary--you cannot lose weight or see your pitfalls if you do not know how much food you're putting into your body. Also, identify "trigger" foods that you cannot eat just one of , and get rid of them from your pantry and minimize your contact with them.

In order to cut down on your emotional eating, you should find other things that replace this habit. If you're feeling upset, read a book or take a walk to unwind. Play with your dog. REDIRECT! :)

As far as portions, you already know this, but if you're eating "better" foods (which are lower in calories), you can eat more of them. 1 ounce of regular potato chips = 160 calories. For the same amount of calories, you can eat 4.5 ounces of chicken breast! Obviously one is going to make you fuller, because one has more bang for your buck. :) It's all about the healthy choices.

ERICADURR Posts: 243
3/8/13 2:25 P

The best way to control what goes in your body is to cook ABSOLUTELY every meal you eat. I downloaded the sparkpeople app on my phone and can easily enter whatever I'm eating at the time I'm eating it, and can accurately track my calories that way. Also, it's the small changes that can really add up--eliminate all drinks from your diet that are not water, try (at first) to have at least 3 servings of fresh fruit or veggies per day, try to get at least 8 glasses of water a day (not to fill up on, but just to drink to see how you feel), and try to only eat out once a week, if you do consume "fast food." These little changes will add up without being extremely difficult, then you can move on the the more difficult changes (like completely eliminating processed foods, etc).

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3/8/13 2:16 P

i am just starting to try and i dont want to say diet but change how i eat to lose weight and just for it to become the everyday normal eating pattern. But i dont know how to cut down on my portions without feeling like im being starved. I try to drink water but, that doesnt really help. my husband seems to think i can just eat the same portion even if im eating healthy wich i just dont agree with. also if anyone has any tips or advice on if calorie counting is a must do, or not. and how did you make it easy to do. Im finding i can do it for maybe 1 or two meals during the day and then im like....done with it. im really just trying to find the best way for myself to stop emotionaly eating and overeating. i just have the capability to gain weight sooooo easily even if i lose weight, idk if its hormones or something but i just now know that for the rest of my life i need to make a big change that is going to stick so that i dont go up and down with my weight constantly. so any advice would be great :)

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