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11/28/12 6:40 P

thank you both for the advice. I will take both your advice and take the two numbers and get an average. I just worry that i will under eat for the day and then stall my weight loss. I am being very very careful on not doing any standing positions on the bike. Mostly it is on very low resistance and i am sitting in the saddle. The ankle actually feels pretty good for being a moderate sprain the doc said. I am using the crutches sparingly, mostly at night when my ankle is tired ........

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11/28/12 6:24 P


Remember that all calorie calculator's (even a heart rate monitor which measures calories expended) are just estimates based on a mathematical equation (algorthim). The only accurate means of measuring calories expended would be in the laboratory setting with you hooked up to equipment that measures your oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output.

When you begin exercising your muscles demand a greater amount of oxygen to supply the body with energy to perform the task at hand. As your need for oxygen increases, so will your heart rate (to allow for increase blood flow to the working muscles), therefore, your heart rate monitor determines your calories burn by monitoring your heart rate. It isn't heart rate alone that determines calories expended, but the amount of oxygen one consumes doing the activity. This is why wearing a HRM outside formal exercise is futile...the algorithm is assuming your increased heart rate is due to activity and not just sitting in a car on a hot summer day.

So to make a long story short, I would use your HRM reading and if over time you see your weight loss stalling you may want to take an average of the calorie calculator and your HRM reading.

Coach Nancy

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11/28/12 6:21 P

I wouldn't worry too much, tracking calories is not an exact science. Take an average of the two as a rough guesstimate of your calorie burn for the class.

Even though spinning is a low impact exercise, you still have to be careful of that ankle. I teach spinning. I know how much stress is on that ankle when a person rides out of the saddle. So, do take it easy. You really won't harm your efforts at good health or weight loss if you take a few days off from exercise.

Eat normally. Don't worry. Take care of that ankle sprain.

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11/28/12 6:13 P

excerise generator . I have been spinning the last couple of days ...instead of running becaus i sprained my ankle.( got doc ok) and my wrist heart rate monitor says I burn about 550 calories in a hour of spinning however on sparkpeople it's saying 460 something...which one should i trust or should i not worry to much. I dont want to over or under eat for my daily needs.... thanks for any insights.

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