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9/6/13 7:09 P

I use the SP diabetic plan and the range they give me is pretty close to what the dietitian at my local hospital recommended for me. I eat somewhere from the low end to the middle of the range given, trying to keep my percentages for carbs, fat, and protein in line with the recommended range. I've been losing from one to one and a half pound a week for 3 months now. For me the key has been to weigh and measure everything I eat and record it diligently.

I took printouts of my daily intake when I first met with the dietitian, and she was pretty impressed.

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9/6/13 3:47 A

I think they are pretty accurate, but I have been struggling with losing weight even though I am sticking to the calorie range, the exercise minutes and calorie burn.

DEB62BIE62 Posts: 3,790
9/3/13 12:22 P

i am 5'4" and 170 is too much for my height. It is accurate cause the doctor measured me. It doesn't say that I can't lose more, it just had me too heavy for the BMI that was put there. Thanks for the reply. I think that BMI is not always accurate either. Anyway, talking about the calories, I believe that spark gets it right on my calories, cause I have been losing pretty regular based on what they have given me, and I'm on the diabetic range. My sugar stays pretty low on their plan too. emoticon

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
9/3/13 12:46 A

Deb - are you quite short and do you have your height entered correctly in spark? Spark shouldn't limit your weight and say you shouldn't lose anymore if you're still "obese", but you would only tick in to "underweight" (and therefore not a recommended weight) if you're over 6'9".

My BMI is shown accurately in spark. For comparison purposes, my goal is also 170 (and was once lower but yeah) and I'm 5'10" - 170 puts me just inside "healthy" on BMI.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
9/2/13 10:01 P

I have been following the spark ranges quite consistently since January, and have been losing weight with some reasonable consistency the whole time along, for a total of 60# lost to date. For me, the ranges have proven to be accurate and useful.

9/2/13 9:17 P

Sometimes our SP ranges are too high for folks who have a greater amount of weight to lose.

Sometimes our SP ranges are too high---for folks who enter an excessive amount of exercise/activity.

Without knowing more about your situation (your numbers); it is hard to tell.

For the majority of our members--it works very well.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

DEB62BIE62 Posts: 3,790
9/2/13 8:08 P

I don't know about the calories, but the weight doesn't seem right. I'm only to get to 170 according to them, but it says on the BMI I'm still obese. That doesn't seem to make sense, I'm going to try to get down further than what they suggest.

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9/2/13 7:38 P

They're accurate as long as all your information is correct which is where it can get tricky. Then you have the new feature that syncs your calorie range with your calories burned that day and accounts for your activity level and that is a whole other ball game! I'm still trying to hammer it out.

But let's keep it less complicated and use the old tracker as an example. I find it's accurate as long as you are what's considered "sedentary" outside exercise (and if you are not, you account for extra steps and activity in your fitness tracker... reasonably). You accurately calculate how many calories you burn through exercise and have your weekly burn entered into your fitness setup. You of course, measure/weigh your food and not just eyeball it; you are honest about how many calories you consume and finally you have a realistic goal date.

I think where you eat in your range can depend on how much activity you do outside of exercise. Which can be difficult to calculate unless you can wear a HRM.

Spark loves to give me the 1200-1550 cal range with the old tracker to lose 1 lb per week. I find I tend to lose 1-1.5 lbs/week when I stick to the upper range so I'm giving the new tracker a whirl right now and put myself as "lightly active" rather than sedentary. Lately, I've been averaging 1600 cals/day and waiting to see where that takes me on the scale.

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9/2/13 7:04 P

Sparkpeople has recommended a calorie range for me to lose what (to me) seems like a pretty decent amount of weight by the end of October... and while the high end is marginally (150 calories per day) less than what I've been eating, it doesn't seem low enough to make such a big weight difference.

Do you find that the Spark ranges are really useful for weightloss? Do you eat at the low end, mid-range, or high end?


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