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10/28/08 12:49 P

i should have redone the first post. bc whenever my bff and i went to houston we did ti on our own. we didnt do a travel agent.....thats what i did this morning bout looking up hotels. also did look on there for the customer reviews good thing i did. but found a few, but i like the one hotel that the travel agent that gave us a one hotel idea, but didnt have a jacuzzi/hot tub thats the only thing.

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10/28/08 9:33 A's the paper bag. Breathe in...breathe

Okay, not chill for a minute.

First, I do agree that trael agents can mark up the rates a little bit. However, if you do the research and tell them about it--you can get them to reduce the overhead a little. I'd also go back to your travel agency and tell them that you were very unimpressed with the service you got--throw a fit! They are only paid that extra fee for the service they are doing--if he didn't do it--demand your money back! Tell them if you were looking for more troubles, you would have had a friend of family memeber doing your arrangements! Just kidding...but, seriously--stand up for yourself! It's your money. You work hard for it!

Secondly, do some research online for hotels. Put the names in the search box and you can find almost anything you want to know about them--including past customer reviews (the real ones, not just the ones they want you to see). You can book directly with them or through your own "agency." I've personlly had great experiences with We travel a LOT and do TONS of research before each trip--and when we are in charge of our own arrangements--we ALWAYS end up with priceline. And if something isn't right once you get there--call priceline. They'll fix it--QUICK!

Thirdly, remember what I told you on the other post. Don't sweat the small stuff. Use this time to celebrate your love. And come find us here if you need us!

STEELER74386 Posts: 1,115
10/27/08 11:15 A

GREAT! so we will get a crappy hotel. stupid ta! i knew should have just gone our way but nooooo we both decided to go with a t.a. since i screwed up a hotel with a bff three years ago whenever we went to houston. we got a crappy hotel......great there goes a great honeymoon. we are still goin with southwest though for next week they are doin there fares........figures i am so stupid....forgot to add cant do nothing right should have went with the moh color that she si wearing should have done that with the one color bc i love the color of her dress more.........lets see finally hear back from our phot. today........lets see never heard back from my flowergirls gram been two months......ok here i go complaining again

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10/27/08 2:41 A

Hotels and airlines will definitely take your reservations for April. The TA is leading you down the wrong path. Coming from a hotel background I would recommend that you book directly with the hotels and airlines instead of with a TA. Their markups can be as much as 300%.

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10/8/08 7:19 A

anyone know if any flights/hotels are booking now for april? was loooking on exepedia and i guess they are booking now. i find it funny bc whenever we went to the travel agent 2 weeks ago i think they said that they werent booking till the begining of nov. for april dates. i find that hard to beleive. the lady that we dealt with (the dude that was supposed to be ther ewasnt there he was runnin late). and she didnt really seem to keen on helping us a little didnt really search or anything. i mean i liked the one hotel she gave us but want a jacuzzi/whirlpool. now i am just still lil worried that all the good hotels will be gone by the time we end up booking in november. granted ya i know its a few weeks away but i am miss impatient and paranoid and a worrywart like my dad and just want a really really nice hotel. i think might end up donig that honeymoon reg. along with kohls. that way we can bank some of the money. i know that she called the one hotel bc it had alot of packages that came with it. (showboat, the dinner, realy good stuff). idk if she was just like not interested helping us or what useless until the rates came out. i now that southwest is cheaper bc they dont charge u for the stupid bag fees, food, etc. need advice help etc.

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