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4/22/13 7:09 P

I had tried a wide variety of solutions to hip pain that lasted over a year AND interrupted my sleep. -- It wasn't until I tried acupuncture that the hip pain was "encouraged" to heal from the inside!

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
4/22/13 6:17 A

I'm 58 with 40 lbs to lose. I had terrible hip pain in both hips and suspected artheritis but never had it checked. sleeping was a real problem. I did hip stretches and kept to my walking program and the pain eventually went 99 percent away. I just get an occasional twinge when trying to sleep.

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4/21/13 9:25 A

I am almost 50 and I have 80 lbs to lose so I think I may be close enough. Bursitis is not the same as arthritis, I realize that, but that being said I have some arthritis in my ankle and yoga helps that too. I do a very gentle yoga for stretching and my teacher gives us lots of props so that you only take the pose as far as you can go. The length of time you hold the pose seems to be the key here. It took weeks before I noticed an improvement. That is what worked for me. I wish you well, as I know how frustrating and depressing pain can be.

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4/21/13 3:41 A

I used to have pretty bad hip pain but since losing 10kg, taking glucosamine and fish oil daily, keeping to a healthy diet (lots of veges, very little red meat), doing LOTS of yoga and stretching and engaging in low impact exercise (I cycle daily), I haven't had too much of a problem. This week I decided to attempt running for the first time in a LONG time and have had a bit of pain but so far so good. Before I would be very painful for days afterwards in my hips if I tried running. I don't know if I actually have arthritis (never had x-rays or anything) but my hips sub-luxate (pop in and out of place easily) which heavily predisposes to arthritis, and since making the above changes things have been pretty good (except they still pop, nothing will stop that tho!). I'm 26 and it took a few months of the above before I felt real changes.

TAISIAKAT Posts: 231
4/21/13 1:38 A

My problem with my hips (right mostly) is stairs and walking more than 15-20 minutes. I really want to get past this, and have started yoga for pain management. I keep hearing that Yoga really does help improve the movements and helps limber the body back up. What i would like to know is - is there anyone here who started their weight lost after 50 (was 100+ or more) with Arthritis and got into yoga - how long before the pain becomes less of an hinderance?

QUOOTIE SparkPoints: (35,228)
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4/20/13 10:47 A

I have had bursitis in my hip for a long time now. It impact my life in a huge way. I took anti inflammatories and painkillers and then thought NO MORE. Yoga and stretching has made a tremendous difference for me.

URBANLOTUS Posts: 1,852
4/19/13 6:33 P

I have sciatica and arthritis in one hip. It helps me when I think to walk with my hips 'held wide'. It is hard to describe exactly what I am doing, but apparently I walk with 'closed' hips and this adds to hip pain. When I walk with awareness that I need to widen my hips, the pain decreases. Maybe it will work for you too?

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4/19/13 8:57 A

Yes. Yoga and other regular exercise like walking has done an enormous amount for my arthritis symptoms (including what I suspect is some arthritis in my hip, as well.) Studies have shown time and time again that physical activity is critical for improvement of arthritis symptoms!

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4/18/13 10:39 P

Hi, I'm 44 and have "mild" arthritis in both hips according to my dr. It certainly doesn't feel mild when I'm trying to get to sleep at night. I've been given strength exercises to do and told to lose weight. Currently I weigh 175 and I'm 5'4" and considered obese. I'm back again using the gym and this site to lose weight. My goal is 20 lbs. I'm wondering if there's anyone who had this same condition and had success easing the pain with exercise and weight loss. I'm also trying an anti-inflammatory diet and take glucosamine.

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