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2/5/13 9:33 A

Any lean meat is going to meet that criteria.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,331
2/5/13 8:23 A

one of the easiest things to do is to tweak what you are already eating.
well, actually, first look in your tracker to make sure you are using accurate info. in other words, unless you entered the info yourself or you are using the spark database info, you need to check the information against what you have on the labels you are using. many of the user enter information is incorrect or not entirely entered and if you are using that it could be throwing all your numbers off. a quick tip to see if it's right is to add the grams of protein and carbs together, then multiply by four. add to that the fat grams multiplied by nine and you should get the calories, give or take 20 cals for rounding errors. if you see an entry with 400 cals that has 20 g carbs and no protein or fat, you'll know that entry is wrong and you need to adjust it so that you're using accurate info.
so once you know that what you're looking at is right, then look down the fat column for the biggest numbers. then eat less of those foods. so if you were eating a cup, try having 7/8 cup or 3/4 cup instead. if you were having a Tablespoon, have two teaspoons instead. if you were having 50 grams of it, try having 40 or 45 grams instead. if you keep doing this with the three biggest fat numbers, that should help you get your fat in line with little to no effort.
for protein, do the opposite. find your three biggest sources of protein and eat slightly larger portions of them. have 4 oz instead of 3 oz and so forth.
if you find yourself with a high fat and protein item, the next time you head to the store do some shopping around to see if you can find a different brand with lower fat. alternately for something like a higher fat ground beef, rinse it to help reduce the fat.

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2/4/13 11:21 P

Honestly you can get a good, balanced distribution of food by simply following the government food plate guidelines.

1/2 a plate of vegetables and fruits
1/4 a plate of whole grains
1/4 a plate of protein
add 1 serving of dairy.

You don't need low fat nor low carb to lose weight. You need healthy fats and complex carbs to properly fuel your body, especially if you're very active.

If you will make your Sparkpage public and share your nutrition and fitness trackers, we can look at your actual activity and provide suggestions based on what you're actually doing. It's hard to make suggestions on what you can do to improve your diet if we don't know what your diet is!

Instructions for how to do this can be found here:

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
2/4/13 10:24 P

I like plain nonfat greek yogurt. You can sweeten it with your sweetener of choice, add fruits, etc.

2/4/13 10:21 P

I like lentils. They are decent for protein, very filling, I really like lentil and vegetable (butternut squash or carrot) curry. You can make stews with them, tomatoes, and sausage or ground beef. The low fat lentils and veg balance out the higher fat meats.

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2/4/13 10:19 P

i find myself in a conundrum. Doing my daily meals i find im not meeting my calorie or protein goals (not getting enough of them) and im getting too much fat and carbs.

i have never watched my diet until now ... (highschool, college, and young adult life were extremely active ... 6000-8000 calories per day ... and 145lb active) .... so im lost.

just looking for some simple food ideas that can be packed in a lunch box to meet these goals. I do have long days at work ... 12-24 hours ... and i am rarely able to heat things to eat. i do have to keep this in mind.

i have until now lived off the interstate exits or whatever county cooking place is near the days job site ... trying to get away from that.

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