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3/6/13 10:29 A

Don't panic. Give your body time to adjust.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
3/4/13 11:41 P

give your body some time to adjust to your workouts and eating healthy. It takes time.

GZELLEFRO SparkPoints: (88,931)
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3/4/13 10:11 P

Lots of things can cause your weight to fluctuate: retaining water, that time of the month, measuring in a different spot, and/or illness, among other factors.

It should go back down; and the scale is not really your friend if you know what I mean. It shows the fluctuations in your weight really well. Your weight can fluctuate several times in a day, week, etc. Did you weigh first thing in the morning after urinating? I've read that's the best time. Also, I would only weigh once a week (although I have to peek! more frequently than that).

You are right: you will gain muscle mass, but I highly doubt it happened that fast that much.

I wouldn't worry about it that much. Be patient and try not to let it worry you overmuch. It's just a small bump in the road. Don't panic, we all see fluctuations in our weight. I noticed that some of my measurements have remained the same and increased, in some cases, but it then goes down.

I just keep telling myself that I'm on this journey for life, and that does help me. God's blessings! emoticon

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3/4/13 10:00 P

Hi MOMMY2525,

It takes much longer than a week to see changes from your workouts. My suspensions are that your muscles are hanging onto a little water due to your body's increased glycogen stores which help fuel your workouts and aid in the cooling off process when working out.

Give it a solid 6-8 weeks for the changes to start showing up, but trust that your body is changing now, even if you can't see them.

Coach Nancy

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3/4/13 9:51 P

Hi everyone I need some help I'm 25 5'3 133 so before I stated my works I was 129 and only 31 in in the tummy after a week of working out I want to 133 and 33 in in the tummy I know you put on the lbs do to muscle mass but why is my tummy getting bigger my eating habits have not changed at all its kinda upsetting plz let me know if this is normal and will I start to go back down thanks

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