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10/8/12 10:03 P

Hi Julia and welcome to this site. You will absolutely love it! It is informational to help you know the facts to start eating,exercising etc.the right way. Tracking your nutrition and other goals really helps you stay on track! I am new to this site also. It will be 5 weeks in a couple of days.I have lost a total of 13 pounds. I know that doesn't sound like much, but I am on my way to being healthy and that is my goal. My long time goal is to lose 50 pounds, so I have quite the journey ahead of me. But I am definitely on my way to a better life! emoticon

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10/8/12 7:43 P

Hi and welcome! There are wonderful people and things here in Sparkland! Enjoy your journey and make new friends! Good luck!

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10/8/12 11:43 A

emoticon Hello Julia, this is the place to be for support, encouragement, and whatever else you need on your journey to getting fit and healthy. Welcome aboard! emoticon

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10/8/12 11:22 A


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9/30/12 9:58 P

Welcome new sparkies! This is a great community of wonderful, supportive people and groups who can help you no matter where you are in your journey or what you're going through. Follow the program, get in the habit of tracking food and exercise and drinking water -so important! You can do it! One pound at a time. This is not a diet, it is a journey with health as the destination. God bless!

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9/30/12 12:23 P

Welcome Julia,
I am new also. I joined last week. I am here to get back on track too. I went through a divorce 7 years ago, and am happily married. I had gained 40 lbs over the last several years. I was able to lose 19 of it, in 2009-2010, but since that time gained that back. I had a few injuries that stopped me from exercising for over 7 months. I have always played hard, and ate big. I have to learn to eat in moderation, and exercise the same way. This after 50 thing, has shown me that! I am looking forward to daily activity, and a healthy change in food choices. Best of luck to you on your journey. I love new people, so feel free to write anytime.
Make it a GREAT day!

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9/30/12 11:16 A

Hello Julia!
Welcome to Spark.

9/30/12 7:47 A

I am new to this site so thought I would take a couple of minutes to introduce myself. My name is Julia and I am 54. I live in Berkshire and am happily married. I have allowed myself to become overweight after suffering from prolonged periods of depression from a divorce 12 years ago. I am now resolved that it is time to get myself back in shape and intend to do this by losing 2lb a week.
I am going to join a local Rosemary Conley group and just try to eat more healthily and try to up my exercise which is close to nil currently.
I would love support and indeed am quite happy to provide it to others.

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