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10/24/11 12:02 P

kids like to be challenged so challenge them to get more points faster than you. That works with my daughter emoticon

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10/19/11 9:33 A

My youngest son is prone to pudgieness, so I am helping him be more aware of what he puts in his mouth. He loves fruit and veggies, which is a plus! When I go on my mile walks, he often accompanies me as well. I don't want to put a child on a diet, but to encourage awareness of what he puts in his mouth and how much. Everything in moderation, life is to be enjoyed!

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10/18/11 2:04 A

Love that idea of combining the meal plans with budgeting, MRSJOCCO. I never learned either skill as a young person and suffered for it.

10/11/11 12:08 P

oh wow - that's neat - good ideas and you sound like quite a good mom to get them so ready to cope on their own. I'm inspired :-)

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10/9/11 8:32 P

It can be very heartbreaking when your kids are overweight, and you have to see them go through so much. I have a 16 year old son who is now a healthy weight , but the first 11 years of his life he was overweight.

Every year when it was time to go school clothes shopping. It was horrible. One of us always ended up in the dressing room crying. It was very hard to find jeans to fit his height and waist at the same time. Kids called him names at school. He was too insecure to play any sports.

Two things happened to change this. I started weight watchers and started paying attention to our eating habits, and started paying attention to what an example I was. Also, his school banned the sale of junk food. Though I have gained 30 lbs. back due to my own issues my son is still maintaining his healthy weight. He is so much more happier now, and I am just thrilled about it.

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10/9/11 12:55 A

I made my kids sign up for SparkTeen and create 5 groups for each meal (5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners) to create shopping lists. The meal groups had to be reasonably well balanced and include some food compromises so that we don't have to prepare separate meals for everybody in the family.

I'm tempted to give each a grocery store gift card to help them learn to budget food expenses as well as nutrition. They'd have to shop from their SparkTeen food list and pay for it with the gift card.

I'm sorry their dad doesn't support your efforts in this regard, but the kids will be inspired by your positive results.

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10/6/11 11:56 A

Tracking calories and even more importantly macro nutrients- like how much protein, carbs, and fats eaten each day helped me to accelerate my weight loss. Exercise alone, even intense exercise, didn't cause the faster weight loss that started happening for me when I started watching my macros- I am doing 40% protein, 40% fat, 20% carbs at the moment and what an eye opening experience. I thought I was eating less and keeping on track but was way off on the protein (under) and fat/carbs (over). Sparkpeople is a great tool for really realizing how much you are in fact eating and where those calories are coming from. You could tell them that. Because it can mean the difference of 2 pounds lost per month(if you are at least exercising regularly or 10-12 pounds for month if you are tracking food. That could be at least one reason to encourage them to join.

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9/30/11 4:26 P

Today's Editor's Choice was the One Tip a Day calendar on ways to make your kids healthy. I don't know if it's geared towards younger kids or teenagers, but it's something to look into. Definitely keep the junk out of the house. If you can afford a Wii, perhaps that's something you could use as a tool. I love the dance games, they really get you moving. So do the Wii fit games. (We don't have one, but my parents and my Bil & his family do.)

I do believe SP has a site specifically for teenagers, SparkTeen or something like that. You could direct them there. Then they could connect with other teens trying to acheive a more healthy lifestyle. And, I know it's hard, and I'm sure you're concious of it, but please make sure to push the fitness and healthy eating as a healthy lifestyle, not as a weight loss thing. It seems silly, but the littelest inkling that mom thinks you're fat or not good enough can totally scar a kid. I may be projecting my own issues here, but I am terrified of making my daughters have low self esteem and/or body image issues. I second guess every thing I say, weight or diet related, in front of them.

edit: I just thought of something else. Are they too old for "family outings"? You could plan hikes at a nearby park. Or, even a trip to an amusement park. You do a TON of walking to get from ride to ride, and it is so much fun. (Just beware of park food! ;))

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9/30/11 8:28 A

Well, it's not like I haven't talked nutrition until I am blue in the face, and though I am overweight, the kids know I exercise and am working on it, I haven;'t been able to convince them to care about their weight and overall health (and my ex, who's huge, isn't helpiong matters) both my kids are very overweight

...BUT...hurrah daughter has decided to take Zumba classes with me!! She's 14 (making me decidedly un-cool) but loves them. And my son (18) is walking with me (and the dog) to try to get some cardio.

Any suggestions on how to get THEM to sign up on Spark People??? They go 'yeah mom, sure'...but don't actually do anything


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