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5/15/11 4:37 P

I 100% agree with daughter is very skinny, but not healthy really. I always focus and the health part with my family. No numbers ever get involved for them (clothes sizes, waist sizes nothing). I always tell them they need to be healthy. They are starting to pick up on it. Especially my daughter, she is eating way better and has decided to start doing some exercises! It is so important for the to learn the importance of good health!

TIAD21 Posts: 545
5/6/11 2:27 P

As the chunky offspring of thin parents I think it's important that you not focus on your daughters size so much as her health. Encourage healthy choices as a way of staying healthy, but not as a way to be thinner or prettier. Teach her that the human body is a beautiful thing in every shape and size and help her build a healthy self esteem based on her own special skills and talents, not her looks since they fade eventually anyway emoticon

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5/5/11 9:21 A

You daughter's biggest role model is you, if you exercise and eat healthly she will want to too. Both my kids are involved in organized sports and when I sign up for my runs I sign them up too. Also if you want her to eat certain foods then buy them and don't have junk food in the house.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
5/4/11 4:30 P

I try not to let my body image issues spill over to where my daughter knows about them, but I know she knows that I "diet". I think my mom says things to her, too, which I hope don't affect her like they did me. However, she's still young enough that I'm hoping I can overcome some of these things. Try to teach her healthy habits. I try to keep my daughter involved in at least one physical activity at a time, at least once a week. She just finished running club (she is 10) at her school and plays soccer, one practice a week and one game a week. Now that running club is over, I may get her back in tumbling. Try to cook healthful meals and allow her healthy snacks, but don't toally restrict her. My huge problem is bingeing, and I think some of that is due to really, really wanting certain foods & "hoarding" them when I can get them. I don't want that for my child at all. It's super tough to balance.

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5/4/11 3:49 P

My daughter is much taller and heavier than I. I work hard at staying slim, but I believe it's easier for me genetically than my daughter. I am trying to workout with her, suggest foods; but I am still worried about her self image and mood. Anyone have any suggestions on anything else I can do?

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