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6/26/12 2:53 P

Eating while away from home traveling is tough in itself. You also have the added emotional layer to your upcoming adventure. I wish you peace on this journey and hope that you take the time to be present in every moment with your daughter as you help her move away.
Preparation is key here. Nuts and apples for snacking are great (if you're not allergic)--they will last a couple of days. Pack some 100-calorie snacks that are readily available in stores.
For tracking calories, if you have a smart phone, you can download the SparkPeople app. It will sink your entries with the website. If not, you'll have to go with the dining out guide and write down what you eat the old-fashioned way. Just by writing down everything, you'll have a good reference as to whether you're within your normal range.
Given that this will be a stressful time, you may also want to cut yourself some slack during those days of being away and then get back to your routine when you return.
Best wishes for a healthy and successful trip!

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6/26/12 10:58 A

That sounds like an adventure! I second the idea of writing down what you eat as best you can, just to keep in the practice of paying attention, even if you can't record it at the time or can't measure. Since you will likely need a small notebook for other reasons (making last-minute shopping lists or keeping track of expenses), you can use that notebook too.

That's the link to the dining guide which has fast food places. Maybe you can pre-select some of the choices you will be making.

The above link might help if you are eating at some unfamiliar local place - it's a list of keywords in menus to help you avoid what you don't want to eat, like "Au Gratin".

Best of luck managing your daughter's move!

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6/26/12 10:39 A

That's going to be tough, but with a little effort you can still do it! Really THINK about what you're eating/ordering. Maybe print out the SP dining out guide and take it with you. Load up on fruits and veggies as much as possible during meals. Make some homemade trail mix or granola and portion it out into Ziploc bags to snack on between meals. Even if you don't know the nutrition info for everything you're eating, write it down in a little notebook so you can see how much you've eaten for that day. Good luck!


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6/26/12 10:24 A

Next week I am helping my daughter move about 700 miles will probably be eating out a lot for 2-3 days. I probably will not have computer access until I get home. How do I keep my calorie and fat count down? emoticon

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