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ANARIE Posts: 13,200
7/1/13 10:52 A

Many of the things that would be good snacks for you would also be good snacks for the grandsons, which might help with the stress. Things like baby carrots and pre-cut apple slices, grapes, berries, little boxes of raisins, etc don't take any preparation at all and are appealing to kids. A peanut butter sandwich is fine for breakfast if you don't have time for anything else. There are also drinkable yogurts, which might be more filling (and affordable) than Boost or Ensure, especially if you have a piece of fruit or some whole-grain bread with it. Compare brands to see if you can find one without too much added sugar.

And remember what they tell caregivers on airplanes. Put on your own oxygen mask first. You have to take care of yourself first or you don't have the strength for them. They can wait forty-five seconds for their breakfast while you spread some peanut butter on toast for yourself.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/1/13 9:22 A

I find that fiber, and fat/protein tend to take longer to digest, and keep me fuller.

As far as I know, when you eat food that is rapidly digested, your blood sugar spikes, and Insulin is released, dropping your blood sugar, and when it gets down to 70-80, you feel hungry again.

If I were to guess, if the food gets rapidly converted to glucose, it would spike your blood sugar more quickly, and cause a larger release of Insulin, which would cause your blood sugar to drop quickly also, which is why you are hungry 2 hours later.

I am sure it is a bit more complicated, but you want to eat food that takes longer to digest, and keeps your blood sugars in the 90-110 range.

SATTVA Posts: 874
7/1/13 2:48 A

Solid protein and fiber sustain me much longer than protein drinks. Best wishes to you!

6/30/13 4:24 P

Welcome back.
It would help us in providing appropriate suggestions if we saw your meals and snacks by making your nutrition tracker public. Let me know if you need the steps to do this. Perhaps you are not getting enough protein or fiber at each meal. Perhaps your foods are not high-volume. Perhaps you are using too many highly processed foods.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

6/30/13 2:05 P

I have noticed that even if I have a well-balanced meal, within 2 hours I am hungry again. I have a lot of stress right now. My husband has dementia (we are 75) and I take care of our two grandsons (7 & 6). If I do not eat in the morning until after everyone else is fed, then I skip eating until lunch. Protein drinks such as Boost don't seem to help me. Can anyone offer me any advice? I have just come back to Spark People and sure do need help.

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