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7/13/13 8:54 A

This is an interesting question. I do not like measuring everything but the only thing I really feel safe not measuring is the non-starchy vegetable group. I have eyeballed some fruit but I still find a way of measuring it by making sure that I get the appropriate number of servings from the package. I bought 32 oz of strawberries yesterday and got more than 4 servings so I felt safe saying that each serving was a cup. But with strawberries, it's not a big deal. If you do the same thing with cheese, you could end up with twice or even three times the calories you think you're eating. Plus Americans have totally distorted ideas of what a "serving" is. Most restaurants serve enough on each plate to feed the whole table. Sitting down with a truly moderate serving of beef, potato and salad would be a shock for most of us. So I agree that measuring and counting, at least in the beginning, are essential tools and training for healthy eating.

7/13/13 8:52 A

Another tool you may find helpful...

This SP article will give samples of how to compare food portions to typical household objects.

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7/13/13 8:36 A

i agree that if you aren't really measuring what you eat, the tracker telling you that you are under is kind of useless info.
if you really don't want to weigh and measure at all, do the bikini diet plate [1/2 plate is veg, 1/4 protein and 1/4 starch]. and if you aren't using a plate it basically means half of what you eat a vegetable, 1/4 of what you eat a protein and starchy things can make up the final 1/4. try it out. if this works for you, great, keep it up.
but if that breakdown doesn't get you the results you need, you may need to make time to measure and track. think of it like if you broke your arm - you'd make extra time to get dressed in the morning and wrap up your cast so you could shower. in other words, you aren't where you need to be so you need to spend some time learning the how and where and why. and haul out the cups and spoons and scale and measure. pay extra attention to the portion sizes and how they look for foods that you eat frequently. note the serving sizes of general kinds of food [breads and bagels should be an ounce, cheese should be an ounce, meat should be 3-4 oz, fruits and veggies should be about 3-5 oz].

7/13/13 8:20 A

I find that because I eat a diet that is made of real whole foods I don't need to track to maintain my weight.

1/2 of my plate is non-starchy vegetables, 1/4 is protein, 1/4 is starchy vegetables or fruit. I like butter on my vegetables.

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7/13/13 1:26 A

Here's a good visualization of how your plate's supposed to look:

It's the government food plate, the updated form of the pyramid we all hated so much.

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7/10/13 6:14 P

I'm confused. You claim not to be a counter or a measurer. I don't know how you can track your food here if you don't do those two things. Every time you track a food it is going to ask you "how much." If you don't measure, you will never know.

If you are serious about losing weight then, in my humble opinion, you need to learn how to count and track your food to make sure you are not over/under eating.

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7/10/13 6:10 P

First of all, I'm unclear if you're tracking everything. Are you logging all of your food in to your tracker? Also, I really suggest counting and measuring. It isn't easy to eyeball a cup of cooked pasta, and it's easy to add/miss hundred(s) of calories throughout the day by guessing, not measuring, not counting.

Secondly, what are you eating, and what are your ranges? Would you consider making your tracker public (if you are tracking) so we can give you specific advice?

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7/10/13 6:05 P

Hi there. im frequently eating to few calories its telling me. I really am not a counter or measurer and its not something i can or really want to fit into my life. Thats why i log it here. Can you tell me please how my plate should look, good filling snacks and the appropriate amount on each plate/serving. Thanks

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