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10/2/12 10:05 A

Good ideas which I can easily manage. Thanks

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While exercise is an important part of our lifestyles, if you are sick it's best to get healthy first before. However, know that any bit of exercise we do can bring us closer to our healthy living goals. Walking for 10 minutes 3 times a day can be just as beneficial to your health as one longer session. There are some healthy choices to eat besides ice cream--yogurt is a great one. I hope you feel better soon.

Coach Nancy

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10/2/12 7:03 A

Having been sick with a lung infection for close to five months has really set me back in my physical endeavors and healthy lifestyle. I can walk and stretch, but usually am too tired or too busy to get one or the other accomplished. With my waking hours I have household and employment outside the home so I may not get outside for exercise.

Though highly motivated to walk, jog, bike, swim, do Yoga, Ballet, Pilates, Strength and Aerobic classes, I am too tired or too busy when awake.

Tonight is a great and typical example. I have been awake almost all night with a sinus headache and sore throat. The morning will soon be here, and I will be exhuasted both from the illness and having gotten no sleep.

My favorite food is ice cream when ill since it goes down smooth, easy, is cold, and sweet. I am open to suggestions. Normally I am not like this at all, but this is not a normal situation.

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