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3/22/13 11:31 A

Both posters are so right. For me, I am a mom. I LOVE being a mom. What I really want is for my daughter to be able to run and play with me, because I'm not too tired to get off the couch. I want to take her to the pool and play, and not be embarrassed that I'm in a bathing suit. I want to show her what healthy living is, and she will learn her attitudes from me. I'm doing my best to never say diet or limit too much out loud, so that she never obsesses. More than all of that, I want to see her get married and have children of her own. I don't want my health to hold me back from enjoying my life or taking pictures. Those are some of my motivators as a mom.

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3/22/13 9:43 A


Just like everyone else making a commitment to making small changes over time will allow you to give up the diet mentality so that you won't have to begin the journey again. It could be something simple as replacing sugar-based drinks with water or walking 10 minutes daily. Once those become a habit, you work on adding two more.

Coach Nancy

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3/22/13 8:56 A

OK. You are a mom. What is better motivation than your kids? I don't have kids but i have nieces and nephews and I want to be around for them a long time. What better motivation is there than playing with your kids and being healthy enough to do it? i am not on this journey for my nieces and nephews, i continue on this journey because of them and what i want to do for them.

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3/22/13 2:26 A

Im a single mom and have trouble staying motivated to exercise and eat healthy any tips?

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