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11/25/12 10:32 A

Thanks everyone for the wonderful replies. i am praying that it is not a real bad sprain and that i will be back on my feet in a few weeks. but that still has to be determined by my doctor. I am going stir crazy not being able to run nor bike. exercise is my anxiety buster and i feel like i am going out of my mind. My eating has been crazy as well ....partly because i am away from home visting family right now and that ALWAYS stresses me out. I love them all dearly however they don't believe in eating healthy like I do. To them having pie for breakfast is ok ....good news though on my way home tonight so that is good...i can have a little more control over what is being served for meals.....

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11/25/12 1:11 A

If you want to work up a sweat while you're resting your ankle, try any of ab exercises that you do with your feet in the air, such as bicycle crunches, hip lifts, frogleg crunches, bicycling your feet in the air, and so on. When you no longer need to elevate your ankle, any seated exercises that don't put pressure on your foot will work, including seated shadow boxing and upper body weight work.

As for building your ankle back up, I agree with getting your doctor's help doing that correctly. A few sessions of physical therapy can show you the right exercises to do.

Be aware that you'll lose a little of your balance when your ankle gets flabby. You use those muscles to realign your body when standing and if they get flabby, you can fall or twist your ankle again. Be careful while you build them back up.

Have a speedy recovery but don't overdo it.

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11/25/12 12:55 A

Its always a good idea to check with your Dr. when ever you get injured. They will tell you to stay off of it as much as possible and that it will take a couple weeks to heal. In the mean time you can do straight leg raises and any strength training that does not require weight on that ankle. Even though you are not using it you need to make sure to stretch your calf with a towel to keep you Achilles from tightening. Lots of ice to keep swelling out and ace wrap from your toes up your ankle. If you have access to foam make a horse shoe out of and place it around your ankle bone with the opening going up your leg and wrap the ace wrap over it. This will help to keep swelling off of the injured ligaments and allow healing to occur. And you should see a decrease in pain with in a couple days.
Once your cleared you will have to start slow with exercise again. Start as the basics, ankle pumps, calf raises and the balance. And progress from there. The muscles in your lower leg will be a little weaker than the other leg. So make sure to work on strengthening all of those muscles up.
Make sure to be wearing supportive shoes until your ankle is healed. No sandles or high heels.

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11/23/12 4:57 P

Yikes! You have already been given excellent advice from the previous sparkers. While checking with your doctor first maybe ask him/her if stretching, chair exercises and upperbody weights would be okay while you are waiting on your ankle to get the healing time it needs.

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11/23/12 4:16 P

Hi Jessica - you really need the input from your Dr as to what to do re exercise, altho' chair exercises should be o.k. - get your clearance first.

Many years ago I was a First Responder, and I did the First Aid duties at sports events - particularly Netball (similar to Basket Ball.) Injuries such as you described were very common. I would refer them to their Dr for follow-up, but the main thing was to rest the foot and not continue with the sport or exercise until they had had a clearance to do so. Occasionally they would choose to ignore this advice. I remember a couple times seeing them back at the sports events as a spectator, in a cast - they had ignored my advice and made things a lot worse for themselves, and it put them out of action for a much longer period of time.


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11/23/12 4:05 P

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It stinks that you got injured at a turkey trot, but the others are right. If your ankle is sprained, you need to forget about exercise for at least a couple of weeks. Trying to exercise while that ankle is still weak puts you at risk for making the injury worse than it already is.

I know you really want to exercise, but honestly you WILL NOT hinder your efforts at good health or weight loss because you can't exercise. As long as you watch what you eat these next few days, you won't gain. And if you do, I can assure you, it's not because you've gained fat. it's because you'll be retaining water. you might want to lay off weighing yourself for the amount of time you can't exercise.

Sprains can be very serious. Have you talked to your doctor ? If not, give them a call and they'll decide whether or not you should come in. For now, take it easy. No running. No walking. Nothing that puts any stress on that ankle and that includes riding a bike. You're just going to have to hang tight a few days to see if the inflammation goes down. Even if it does go down, that doesn't mean you should exercise while it's still weak. Like I said, you risk making the injury worse than it is.

Think RICE. rest ice compression and elevation. that will help.

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11/23/12 10:20 A


I am so sorry to hear of your injury. Sometimes people are just too eager to outdo themselves that they are not aware of those around them. Yesterday at my Turkey Trot a guy ran into me with a stroller. I NEVER run in races where strollers or dogs are permitted, but I have done this race for 7 years and it is a tradition. Thankfully, he did not cause any injury.

When it comes to injuries, it is best to get medical clearance from your doc as to what exercises you can and cannot do. Sprains can take weeks/months to heal depending on the severity of the injury.

Here's to a SPEEDY SparkRecovery!

Coach Nancy

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11/23/12 9:42 A

Ouch. Heal fully first.

If it's a true sprain, you need to give the tendons and ligaments time to lose the inflammation & get back to their normal tension--and it takes time.

'Sprain' sounds so much less serious than 'break,' but if it's a real sprain, not just a twist, it can take weeks to heal properly. If you rush back to full activity, you may have more problems in the years ahead (I speak from experience). You should find out how bad it is, and listen to good medical advice, especially if you are a runner, doing weight-bearing exercise regularly.

Light, non-weight-bearing activity, once the RICE period is over may be ok, IF it doesn't hurt. But give it time for the inflammation to go away. Better to avoid being a hero in favor of a slower, more complete healing.

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11/23/12 9:19 A

so yesterday I did a turkey trot 5k near my in-laws...and to my disbelief a woman actually ran me off the road...she was running beside me and she no lie shoved into me.....this caused me to lose my footing and roll my foot. So now i am dealing a good sprain on my right foot.

any advice on how to get some excerise with a sprained ankle. I know biking will be a big one...however i have no access to a bike til Monday and I am a little anxious about doing nothing for the next few days...especially since I hate soooo much last night( pain meds = lower inhibition in what i ate yesterday...i was sooo loopy )

i am praying that i will heal fast and get back to running before the new year. I just can't believe a lady would do that and no even stop to see if i was ok.

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