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3/28/12 6:44 P

definitely do accurately track. while you have stated you aren't being consistent, the first thing that jumps out at me is your miracle whip Tablespoon. a Tablespoon of miracle whip can certainly cover a Tablespoon of onion and a stalk of celery. but that's thin to nearly nonexistant coverage when you talk about adding a 12oz can of tuna to it. i use the 7 oz packs of tuna and about 1.5 Tablespoons for mild to moderate coverage. so do double check that measurement. alternately you could add a few ounces of greek yogurt in place of the whip. half a 7oz container of 2% fage would run you about 100 cals.
don't have your fruit plain, have it with cheese, nuts or nut butter, or crackers.
add nut butter or eggs to your oatmeal.
if you're not getting overly stuffed on your tuna salad, have it over a bed of greens, or have it with greens on a wrap.
if you have cereal, have milk or yogurt with it.
if you have yogurt, have cereal or granola or fruit with it [or 2/3].
your salad on the 9th has no protein. add beans or meat or nuts or seeds.

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3/28/12 5:34 P

Thank you all. Has helped me open my eyes to the fact that I don't need to take in a weeks worth of calories in a day. HAHA. I do weight training as well as some cardio every workout day I just don't weight train to bulk, heavy weights with lower reps, I am doing lighter weights with reps around 20 with 3 sets. My biggest thing was at most by the end of the day I was really only taking in about 1200 calories. Now again I continue to lose weight around the rate you said, last week was 1.6 pounds, I do weekly weight checks same time of day after workouts. I am happy I am losing was just worried that because it was lower then my normal lose of 4-5 pounds a week I was hitting the "wall" or not getting enough calories putting myself into starvation mode. Just a side note: I started this adventure on Feb. 1, 2012 at 348.7lbs and am now 315.4.

As for the peanut butter I am trying to eliminate breads and other starches at least for the majority of the week but I will definitely start putting it on my apples and bananas and what not. Never thought about that...DUH

3/28/12 3:06 P

As has already been stated, for members who have a larger amount of weight to lose, our SP calorie ranges can be too high.

So I did some playing around with your numbers. Because you are over 300 pounds, you can safely lose up to 1% of your body weight weekly. So losing about 2-3 pounds each week would be fine.

I also got a calorie range of about 1900-2200 for you, when I use adjusted weights, etc.
I think you will find this calorie range much more doable. Give it a try and monitor how you are feeling, your energy level, the energy you can dedicate to your exercise, and weigh yourself weekly. There may need to be a little tweaking, but start with this amount and see how it goes. Let me know!

Let me know if you have more questions.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky already begin some resistance work...with weight loss you also want to preserve muscle mass and stay toned...this will help!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
3/28/12 2:06 P

ECSO586 you've got a number of different issues to address.

Firstly, please start strength training! :) It's a total myth that you should lose some weight first. ST will actually help you lose weight much more than doing the elliptical will - it's more effective than cardio for fat loss. There is no barrier to some resistance work even if you feel you're maybe "too heavy to do weights" - there's absolutely no reason anyone shouldn't do lifting (beyond specific body part injuries). So it would help you a great deal.

As for your intake, bear in mind that Spark's figures, at least, do not work out for the very large. If you're over 300lbs, which you are, it's very likely that you'll be given a range that is super high. The plain fact is, while that range would probably work for you, a much lower range is also very very achievable and safe. Most people shouldn't go below the recommended ranges, but obese people can, and very much should. So you should probably take all the figures you've gained from various sites with a grain of salt.

If you're not eating even 1000 calories a day now, you need to bump it up, but if 3,000 sounds too scary, just get to 2,000. That would be a safe and healthy intake for a guy and definitely still lead to weigh tloss. I would try eating at about 2000 regularly and see how your weight loss is at that point. There's no need to go as high as recommended.

Here is an article with Calorie Boosting Tips:

If you don't like whole nuts or crunchy peanut butter what about smooth? I was completely astonished to discover my two pieces of bread with peanut butter and a glass of milk for breakfast was a whopping 600 calories. That's almost as much as you've eaten today on your initial claim below! So it could be a good way for you to get a more calorie-dense meal in. :) Whack an apple or banana on that toast with the pb and you've got 700-800 calories just in a breakfast with nothing more food-weight-dense than a couple of pieces of toast!

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3/28/12 1:19 P

Sorry should have explained a little better. I am pretty new here and don't use the site to it's fullest so don't know how to changes settings yet. I am a 30 year old male, 6'1", right now 315.4 pounds. I work out 3 days a week right now and each day I burn about 400 calories making about 1200 a week burned from workouts. I do 30-45 minutes of elliptical training combined with either a 30 minutes circuit, isolated weight training, or "cross-fit" type of training. I am not doing heavy weights because right now I want to lose weight and tone. As for the numbers I have used about 3 calorie calculators to find the number I need. They all put me about 3500 with the workout. The only thing I can't eat is whole peanuts or chunky peanut butter, It's all in my head but can't do it.

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3/28/12 12:21 P

First, I recommend using the tracker religiously. At least until you've established a habit and are pretty easily able to tell that X amount of food means reaching your goal. The tracker has helped me identify how many calories I was REALLY eating in a day (I was eating a bunch of one-bite snacks that were adding up, and huge portion sizes), and even 3 months later I'm putting every bite in because I want to see results, and I want to identify when I'm over or undereating NOW, instead of when I'm gaining weight.

Did the tracker assign you 2700 calories that you need to eat? Especially combined with burning 400 calories a week, this doesn't sound right. Obviously I don't know your BMR, but those numbers aren't adding up to me.

On the flip side of that, 700 calories for a whole day is way too low. When I'm planning dinner and I realize that I'm going to come in under, I'll add some bread, or rice, or cheese (if I'm not going over my fat, but could use the protein!), or an avocado. I might even take a double serving of a food (6 ounces of salmon instead of 3). Snacks that you can bring to work with you like granola bars or nuts are good too, my favorite are pistachios but almonds are also good. They're also pack a solid amount of calories.

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
3/28/12 12:07 P

Are you sure about those numbers? How big are you, and what are your goals? 2700 calories sounds awfully high if you're trying to lose weight, even for a man. That would be maintenance for a large guy in his 20s.

Your tracker isn't public, so we can't help much. If you make the tracker public, you can get some very specific suggestions. Things that are healthy and calorie-dense include whole grains, sweet potatoes, starchy vegetables like peas and squash, small amounts of cheese, nuts and seeds, legumes, avocados, and so on. How about a snack of peanut butter and sliced fruit on 100% whole wheat bread? Make your protein shake with milk or yogurt and frozen berries-- it'll be like a milkshake.

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3/28/12 11:35 A

I need some help with getting enough calories in a day. I do not use the tracker religiously but here and there. I used it just now and inputted everything I have to eat for today up to dinner. According to the tracker I want about 2700 calories and up to the point I entered I am putting in about 700 calories. This means that I have 2000 calories to eat. Also according to the other calculators on the web I should put in about 3200 calories. Now today is a workout day, I only workout 3 days a week right now, so I will be burning about 400 calories. How do I get enough calories in for the day? I am eating all the time which is a big step since I only used to eat once maybe twice a day. I feel like I'm never hungry but force myself to put in the food.

I am working till 7pm so can't change anything unless I bring it but when i get home after workout I will still have dinner and 6oz of a protein shake to eat. The protein is only 100 calories. I am so lost and confused. I eat fruit, oatmeal, chicken, tuna, salads, yogurt, and vegetables. What can I eat that can give me more calories but is healthy?

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