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2/4/13 4:08 P

Keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

Kris xx

BECCIY Posts: 79
2/4/13 7:32 A

thank you, I will try the suggestions. @Kris, they can't find anything "wrong" with me but I am looking for a doctor who specializes in endometriosis as I am confident that I have it.

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2/4/13 3:00 A

Hi Becci - the others have given good suggestions and link, so I won't repeat except to say that I often used to use that good quality chocolate method with good success.

Have you been checked to see WHY you are getting your period every 2 weeks? I know that a few years ago if a low-dose contraceptive didn't rectify it, then a referral to a Specialist sometimes revealed that a D&C was called for. If this is the case, then it would reduce the frequency of those cravings.

Good luck with whatever you choose to help you over this.


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2/3/13 1:29 P

How about trying some high quality dark chocolate ? I've found that if I eat good quality dark chocolate that's at least 60-70% cocoa, I only need a couple of squares to be satisfied. When a person eats cheap chocolate, they have to eat more to get the flavor of the chocolate. Not so with good chocolate. Let the square dissolve in your mouth. Don't inhale it like a Hoover.

That's another problem. When people eat their food too quickly, they don't get to taste the food. Which in turns causes them to eat more to feel satisfied. Sit and savor good quality chocolate. I think you'll find that a couple of blocks will be more than satisfying.

If not, try something like Skinny Cow products. those are low cal and yummy.

BECCIY Posts: 79
2/3/13 9:29 A

thank you, i will try some of these suggestions and hopefully stay away from the salt and chocolate :)

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2/3/13 8:58 A

Hi Becci,

This can be a big problem for many of us. Below is a link to an article SparkPeople's Registered Dietitian Becky Hand wrote on this topic. I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

BECCIY Posts: 79
2/3/13 8:10 A

How do you manage your cravings during your period? I get mine every 2 weeks so I am craving every two weeks. I don't want this to screw up my weight loss so I am wondering what do you do to satisfy the incredible need for salt and chocolate???

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