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2/13/14 4:49 P

its not for everyone but I love Miranda heart's comedy maraca workout, I tried to post a link for it here but I cant make it work, you can watch the trailer for it on its great you can workout and laugh at the same time. Its not intense at all but its worth doing just for fun.

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2/11/14 11:57 A

DailyBurn has a dance program. It is an online workout company (I do mine on the Roku but you can also do it with a smart-tv, or on your computer). I haven't tried any of their dance programs/workouts yet but I LOVE the cardio-sculpt program. The cost is 10 bucks a month but they do have a one month free trial. You should check them out you might love it. The individual dance programs include 90's hip-hop, club, all-star, African, Bollywood and Caribbean (there may be more I'm not sure because I don't use them). emoticon

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2/9/14 2:47 P

I don't have any suggestions for specific dance workout videos. My thought would be to try the public library. I know the library in my town has a variety of DVDs to choose from so you could try some out before you spent money.

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2/8/14 11:49 P

Okay I have shaun t's insanity and love it I just really want something fun like a dance video with "GOOD music". i saw his hip hop abs but its not as intense as my insanity. what do you guys recommend?

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