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MSANNOMALLEY SparkPoints: (0)
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1/24/10 3:09 P

I used to have a pretty serious Mt. Dew addiction, too. I used to always get diarrhea from it and it really did a number on my teeth. I had to give it up cold turkey, but I kicked the habit. I haven't drunk any Mt. Dew in almost 5 and a half years. Honestly, I don't think I could drink it now without getting sick from it. I also spent a good chunk of change to get my teeth fixed, too.

Good luck! I know how difficult it is to kick the Dew habit. emoticon

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ECO_SAVVY Posts: 492
1/24/10 2:04 P

no. more. soda. !!!

KLATVIS Posts: 9
1/24/10 9:57 A

thanks for all the great help with my addiction to mt dew notes they have really helped me i am doing alot better i am down to one two liter a week.

BEANBYDESIGN SparkPoints: (0)
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1/23/10 8:35 A

Have you thought about trying to switch to flavored seltzer (also sometimes called "sparkling water," depending on the store)? It's basically carbonated water with some flavor added to it, and I find it's a good soda substitute for me, because it still has the fizziness and the sweetness, but there's no calories and no sodium. Polar is a good brand - lots of interesting flavors - and most supermarkets also have their own "house brand" as well.

Also, if it's the caffeine you're addicted to, try green tea with honey in it - it's delicious, it has caffeine, and green tea is one of the best things you could drink as far as health benefits go!

1/23/10 8:03 A

I am also addicted to Dew. Sadly, just reading this post really makes me want one! There aren't any in the house, and I'm not going anywhere so I'm good. I only drink up to 1 per day. I either try to buy a 20 oz and make it last 3 days or a can and make it last 2 days. That may be something to try for serious "addicts."

JODIB5 Posts: 140
1/22/10 8:47 P

I too am a soda lover. Coke Zero is my drink of choice. My goal is to drink 2 quarts of water a day. I fill up my nalgene bottle in the morning and refill it later in the day. When I get my water in I don't want the soda so much.

BUSYCHIC87 SparkPoints: (5,176)
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1/22/10 8:37 P

I was addicted to Coke. I kept drinking more and more until one day...

I got sick. Every time I drank one, I had almost instant, severe diahriia and cramps. I couldn't figure out what it was until one day one of my friends noticed and said it must be the Coke.

So I stopped drinking them and never had another episode. It was hard. The first month or so, every time I seen someone with a Coke, or thought I heard the can opening hiss, my mouth watered. But eventually, it went away. You can do it too!

SWEETRED33 Posts: 21
1/22/10 7:43 P

Mt Dew is my evil soda of choice to :). The only way for me to do it was to kick it cold turkey. Anything else kept me drinking it. Now it tastes really sweet and if I do try to drink it I can never finish the can I always end up pouring it out. I can't even believe how addicted I was now. Good luck, it's not as hard as you imagine.

HELLAVAHC Posts: 333
1/22/10 7:26 A

Thank you for coming back and posting. Hopefully, you can kick this habit cold turkey. It is just like putting a pile of sugar in your body! And you can stop giving money to that corporation. You can do it!

KLATVIS Posts: 9
1/22/10 2:29 A

Thank you all for the great ideas for trying to cut back on my mt dew habbit i will be trying many of them in the comming weeks and let you all know how this are going.

JCWATL SparkPoints: (43,603)
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1/21/10 5:26 P

Just Quit!

My boyfriend drank Mt. Dew like crazy until I turned the can around and showed him the calories.

We don't keep in in the house and I can't imagine getting in the car to go get it.

Out of sight, out of mind.

CPOKEYRUN Posts: 662
1/21/10 2:04 P

This may sound weird, but to gradually wean yourself off - why not try mixing half diet with half regular for a while, to ease yourself into the slightly different taste of the diet type? Or even if you can't get all the way off of it, that will at least cut the calories in half.

1/21/10 11:43 A

I feel your pain - I'm still trying to give up Diet Coke. What I'm doing (which may or may not work for you) is to give it up gradually. I started out by tracking how many I drank each day for a week. So if I had, say 6 a day for a week, the next week I would allow myself 5 a day, then 4, etc. It sounds like I'm trying to reduce my drug usage or something - lol. It's hard though ... but I went from 6 a day to currently 2 ... so that's something!

JSAMMYE Posts: 62
1/21/10 10:35 A

I know what U mean about soda. I was a serious Dt. Pepsi freak. As soon as my coffee was gone in the morning, I opened my first dt.pepsi. I drank it all day long! Dt.pepsi was not on my list of forbidden. I thought I could not give it up. But, as time has went on, I make sure I drink all my water each day, I find that now I don't even finish a 12 oz diet pepsi. I don't know why or what changed, but most days I don't even open one or crave one any more. Maybe I am hydrated enough with my water and milk that I must drink each day. Now, I am hoping to do the same thing with my coffee! Just keep on trying, cutting back a little each day!
Good Luck! I will be cheering you on! emoticon

IBTINK Posts: 354
1/21/10 9:46 A

I used to have a serious Dew addiction. I was drinking 4-5 a day. I started measuring how much I had. I cut back 4 ounces a day until I quit. Now, I occasionally crave a Code Red, but I can't stand regular Mountain Dew. It just tastes too sweet now. It takes time, but you can do it.

LUELUE1971 Posts: 1,342
1/21/10 8:17 A

I have a similar problem except mine is Diet Dr Pepper. I have a hard time justifying my need to give it up since its calorie free. I know its not good for me but when that need for the fizz hits its like I can't control myself. Its so frustrating.

I have tried to keep it out of the house but when that craving for the fizz hits I just have to have something and will ultimately then have a Mountain Dew (because they are always here for my hubby and son) and I don't even like Mtn Dew.

BH7272 SparkPoints: (17,363)
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1/21/10 7:43 A

I don't want to worry you too much, though I hope this makes a difference in how you think about Mountain Dew. Not only is this soda associated with weight gain, but it is also correlated with serious tooth decay and dental problems that affect your overall health eventually. So, think about the pain and expense of dental work that you want to avoid when you are drinking your Dew.

I would not suggest cold turkey, but cutting back gradually and substituting something else.

Is it the sweetness you crave? The caffeine? Depending on what you are trying to wean yourself from, that will dictate your substitute.

If it's sweetness and caffeine, then try to make iced coffee with honey. At first substitute this for one can of Dew per day. After a week, substitute it for 2 cans, and so on, until you are done with the Dew.

Then if you wan't to kick the caffeine, slowly switch to decaf iced tea, etc.

Eventually, you want to make water your drink of choice, and you should start drinking a glass of water for every glass of other beverage you consume while you quit.

This is the best advice I have, but no doubt other Sparkers will chime in.

I wish you all the best. Remember, you are WORTH a healthier lifestyle, and YOU CAN DO THIS!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
1/21/10 6:56 A


KLATVIS Posts: 9
1/21/10 2:43 A

please can anybody help i am really addicted to this soda i have even tried the diet brand and can't it just sends me back to the regular brand, I will try anything....!!!!!

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