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12/24/12 11:34 A

Thanks. The nuts and Lynwoods mix are full of protein. I get less protein for breakfast (coffee, brownie and tomato soup) but don't feel hungry afterwards. Kefir (milk) has 3.4 g, thick yogurt 2, lynwoods 4, nuts however many.... I've worked that out for the amounts I use. Considerably more than breakfast. I don't usually get hungry after eating sugars and carbs. I'm wondering about soup before Muesli. I do usually eat it with apple, but haven't harvested any this year (on holiday), so need to beg or buy some. I don't think I can get berries, even frozen, in this part of Albania in winter, apart from strawberries, which are very expensive.
Might dried apricots be better than raisins? In fact I can get dried cranberries..

PS Having just been visiting a family who put Halva and very high carb, hi sugar cake in front of me, I am now feeling comfortably replete (!), so I don't think the problem with the Muesli was likely to have been the carbs.

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12/24/12 10:43 A

there's a lot of sugars and carbs there - perhaps that's the problem.

Try replacing (even occasionally) the raisins with berries
Try replacing the banana with a chopped apple or pear

As other respondent said; add protein source

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12/24/12 10:08 A

Eat it with some protein perhaps. Add it to Greek yogurt instead of milk. You might feel more satisfied if you balance the carbs and fat in muesli with some protein.

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12/24/12 9:03 A

I always feel hungry after eating muesli. 419 cal. 2 t oats, 1 T oat bran, 1 T Lynwoods flax etc mix, 1 Tmixed nuts, 1 T raisins, 100 ml milk kefir (0.5%), 1 T thick yoghurt, 10%, 1 banana.
After getting myself outside that lot, which I much enjoy, I feel I could eat a horse! I don't want to give up Muesli. I like it and its full of good stuff. But it doesn't satisfy. I eat it for lunch or supper, rather than breakfast. I can't understand why I feel hungry after it.

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