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LOTUS737 Posts: 3,936
9/2/13 6:36 P

you can add me too! i'm back on track- for me tracking food consistently is where i run into problems- but i'm back in, over a month strong and i'm keeping it up! off for vacay but i'll be back on the weekend!

SUNRISE4LV SparkPoints: (22,632)
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9/2/13 5:10 P

You can add me too... I do my best to stay consistant... I'm in and out, but not giving up... :-)
emoticon emoticon emoticon

SHELBYSS313 SparkPoints: (43)
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9/2/13 3:20 P

Hello CJFUN01!

I can definitely help you stay motivated :) Add me and we can talk more!

CJFUN01 SparkPoints: (9,443)
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9/2/13 12:31 P

HI everyone:

I have tried several times to meet people on here, add as friends, introduce myself to help support others and got nothing back. So,I'm trying again I can get the program started (myself) but lose interest after a couple of days of excerise and watching foods. Im diabetic and do watch but somedays I get worn down from it. I have a busy work schedule and try to do my best. any tips or words that someone can give me to give me hope again? looking to lose 30 more pounds at least. Please message me or you if you like I could add you to my page as a friend

Thanks everyone!!

Have a greeat day!!

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