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5/14/12 11:37 A

That probably gave you a good selection anyway.

5/14/12 3:33 A

I googled and got the poems. Now, gonna decoate the craft with gold/silver dust :P

May, I please ask your name? Or how do I address you.

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5/12/12 6:02 P

I'm sure many folks here have poems on hand. Could you give us more info on what you may be looking for? Is it suppose to be 1st grade poems? Is it suppose to cover any special topic? Things like that may help.

5/12/12 5:14 P

hey...Wow that didnt cross my head Lol.
Yes its an Islamic symbol, but the school is not a Muslim one. However, Iam one.
About the poem, the kids do not have to wtite a poem. We need something from outside,not from their course for tge elocution contest.
3am here. So good night from India :)

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5/12/12 2:51 P

I'm not sure what you are asking. For first graders, it is pretty much their idea and creations that are wanted, not other people's. One question though on the cresent and star. Isn't that the Islam symbol and is this a muslim school? I know there are muslims and Christians in India, but I always equate most Indians with Hindu.

Anyway, I would just listen to your children and help guide them into writing something they like and creating something they like. This is how one really finds out what is on their minds. Keep the faith

5/11/12 10:32 A

hi there everyone,
Iam from India and I wish to seek help in two things.
My boys, are six years old and in first grade.
I need two poems, for them and I thought if any of the mommies and daddies could help me from around the world , how cool would that be?
They have an elocution competition in july, and a nice short poem would be really helpful.

2. In their holiday home work, I have received a craft work :
a moon (crescent shape) and a star. It, needs to be decorated from both the 'most creative' manner.

I hope you could help me with some ideas?

thank you :)

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