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9/6/12 2:36 P

Keep some vegetables already cut up in the fridge for your teen to eat alone or with hummus or homemade ranch dip (easy to make and cuts out all those unpronounceable ingredients in the storebought stuff).

Fresh fruit

Yogurt, as long as it's not full of sugar. Would your teen be up for flavoring his/her own plain yogurt with fresh fruit and honey?

Peanut butter or cheese on triscuits

8/31/12 12:36 P

and ANYTHING with queso on it.

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8/30/12 12:14 P

my little one likes apple slices that he can dip in peanut butter.
string cheese
another my older son likes is a mix of rice chex cereal, cheerios, and just a handfull of mini marshmellows in a bag. He grabs those all the time.
the new snack wells bars are high in protein (8g) or the special K granola bars have 4g protein
melon cut up - any fruit already cut up into pieces.
could the teenager make a smoothie? Yoplait has the quick frozen packets that have the yogurt and fruit already in them, just add a little applejuice and blend


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8/30/12 12:03 A

Chips and salsa is a favorite here. And pickles, celery and peanut butter, any fruit, POPCORN (every night).

8/27/12 8:24 A

frozen healthy meals like healthy choice, lean pockets, and lean cuisine pizzas. also fresh fruits and veggies always

8/26/12 12:50 A

what are some healthy snacks for teens that they will eat instead of junk after school.

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