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WYSEONE Posts: 187
8/17/12 10:37 P

Chobani Blueberry or Vanilla Yogurt, add in some all bran cereal. Satisfies and last.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
8/14/12 3:52 P

yeah, I would like to know that answer, too! I try to eat the most filling food, otherwise, I'm hungry, and you wouldn't like me when I'm hungry!! LOL!!

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8/14/12 1:04 P

Does the yoplait stay with you for a good amunt of time? One of the reasons I like greek yogurt is that it really seems to last for me, in terms of not getting hungry quickly.

The ones w/ the fruit on the bottom are higher in sugar. As I mentioned before, my wife adds peanut butter, and I add fruit, to the plain stuff pretty regularly when we eat the plain stuff.

RODGRODMEDFLOD SparkPoints: (534,388)
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8/14/12 11:36 A

I'm with Trinity, the Yoplait Source yogurt is the best tasting low fat yogurt, only 35 calories per serving.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
8/14/12 10:07 A

dang it! I googled wal-mart inventory and I thought maybe since Sam's club and wal-mart are the same owners, they would have the premier shakes, but they don't. That's a bummer cause I don't have a membership and it's too far away from me.

GRAVELRIDGEBOY SparkPoints: (36,875)
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8/14/12 9:51 A

To me the Greek yogurt is a replacement for sour cream, not regular yogurt. I am not a fan of the taste either...

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
8/14/12 9:38 A

thanks ya'll. I had a greek nonfat plain yogurt yesterday for lunch, and although it was very sour and unappealing to me, I do have to say that it satisfied my hunger until dinner. I think I can acquire a taste for it. I think I'll mix in a little vanilla extract for flavoring. I'll try the protein shake. Thanks.

8/14/12 7:14 A

Amy, I also buy the Premier protein shakes, and yes they are available at Costco.
I've never tried Greek yogurt, but my family eats yoplait source, astro zero and silhouette 0++, all of which are no fat/no sugar.

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8/13/12 10:14 P

Hi Amy-

I buy Premier Nutrition protein shakes- I get mine at Sam's Club, and I think they're available at Costco, etc. 30 g protein, 1 g sugar per RTD, and 160 calories. I only drink them once or twice a week at most. Just for a change of pace.

I like Fage and Chobani greek yogurts alot. I usually mix blueberries or other available fruit in in it. Very good! My wife mixes peanut butter into hers. I have a yogurt nearly every day. Once in a while I break down and have a flavored one, even though they have some sugar.

The greek yogurt might be a taste that needs to grow on you a bit, but I have found it really helpful in fighting off that nighttime hunger-induced binge that is always a threat to me!

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
8/13/12 11:13 A

@Eric and everyone else, what kind of protein shakes do you drink? I find that those delicious equate shakes/slimfast, are loaded with sugar.

also, what is the best tasting low fat or nonfat yogurt without sugar?

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8/11/12 12:25 P

0% fat greek yogurt; various fruits like blueberries, grapes; triscuits, hummus; low-fat cheese....

I also make eggs pretty regularly- hard boiled, scrambled.

Occasional protein bar/shake.

Those are my staple snacks as much as possible. Whatever I feel like having, I have.

GRAVELRIDGEBOY SparkPoints: (36,875)
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8/10/12 1:18 P

First thing is not to have anything unhealthy in the house, that helps with the cravings. But I keep snacks around like yogurt, almonds, is just figuring out what your body wants...

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
8/10/12 9:47 A

wow thanks NHO. I need a salty and sweet fix. Thanks

NHOYLE1 Posts: 351
8/10/12 9:41 A

Do you just want comfort snacks? One I really like, that hits on both salty and sweet. It isn't really healthy, but it is such a strong flavor that a little bit goes a long way.

I take a block of blue cheese, cut off an approximately 2 tablespoons worth.

then drizzle honey over the top, not too much, just enough to impart that sweetness onto the cheese.

Then eat with a fork.

You only need small bites because of the very strong flavors, and it should satisfy both salty and sweet cravings.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
8/10/12 9:18 A

thanks Trinity. Sounds delish. I am gonna make it soon after I hang my curtains. LOL!

8/10/12 8:58 A

Thank you Fatbastich. I was beginning to feel like I was hanging frilly curtains in your clubhouse...

8/10/12 8:52 A

Since this is "The Guy's Lounge" I figured a guy should add a post to this thread. emoticon

8/9/12 7:50 P

Okay, here it is.


For the cake
16 oz light cream cheese (I use 1 tub of Philadelphia Light)
1/2 cup light table cream (look for 5% milk fat)
1/2 cup Splenda (granular form, for baking -- not the dust for sweetening coffee)
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 eggs
1 package sugar free instant pudding mix (this determines the overall flavour of the cheesecake. I've used vanilla, white chocolate and butterscotch -- all fabulous)

For the crust (optional)
about 10 graham crackers
2 tbsp olive oil margarine

For the topping
Whatever you want to use. I sometimes use chopped frozen fruit, or fruit pie filling if I want something sweeter. Blueberry pie filling works very well. Melted Dulce de Leche is also delicious but adds back most of the calories I've removed from the rest of the recipe. Melted Nutella is great too, but even higher calorie than the Dulce de Leche.

2 mixing bowls
Measuring cups and spoons
A glass cake dish (a stoneware casserole dish also work -- something about 2 to 3 inches deep that can go in the oven, that you don't have to grease. With a regular cake pan you have to grease and flour it, which adds calories)
Spatula, wooden spoon, etc.

How to prepare:

Preheat the oven to 350 F.

For the crust: crush the graham crackers into small crumbs and spread in the bottom of the cake dish. Melt the margarine in the microwave and pour over the crumbs. Mix with a fork until moistened, and then press down into the pan until you have an even, flat layer.

For the cake:
1) Mix the cream cheese, splenda and eggs in one mixing bowl, and set aside.
2) In a second bowl, blend the cream and pudding mix.
3) Add the cream-pudding mix to the cream cheese mixture. Blend on high speed until smooth
4) Spread the mixture evenly in the cake pan over the crust.
5) Bake for about 35 to 40 minutes, until the cake looks kind of fluffy and firm on top.

For the topping:
If you're using fruit, just spread over the top of the cheesecake.
If you're using Dulce de Leche or Nutella, melt in the microwave and then drizzle over the cheesecake.


Take out about 30 min before serving.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
8/9/12 2:57 P

well heck yes I want that recipe! LOL! I love cheesecake.

8/9/12 2:39 P

Let me know if you want my low-fat/low-carb cheesecake recipe.
I make it for just about every dinner party I throw, and so far no one has caught on that it's diet cake. It's still heavy, but much less so than the real thing.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
8/9/12 2:31 P

wow Trinity! That's great. Thank you so much. I crave anything and everything that tastes yummy. Too bad the yummy stuff is fattening! I normally eat dorritos and sweet stuff. Thanks again. I will most certainly give these a try.

8/9/12 2:22 P

Two of my favourites, to get you started. One sweet, one salty.

Take a 1 1/2 inch cube of your favourite cheese. A hard cheese (cheddar, gouda, etc.) works best. Slice it thinly, and place the slices in a single layer in a frying pan. Leave a bit of space between the slices.

Heat on medium. Let the cheese melt fully. Turn the heat down to medium-low and keep heating until the entire surface of the cheese is covered with tiny bubbles and the edges are firm. (At this point I like to add chili flakes, but that's just me). Turn the cheese over and cook very briefly on the other side until the entire cheese pancake-thingy is crisp.

Place on a paper towel to drain briefly -- not too long or it will stick.

Eat. It enhances the flavour of the cheese, feels like you're eating chips, and some of the fat from the cheese drains off in cooking.


Fruit of your choice. About 3 or 4 cups. I like to use frozen strawberries for this.
Splenda or other artificial sweetener, to taste.
1 package of low fat sugar free instant pudding, any flavour. I like white chocolate or vanilla for this recipe, but if you need a chocolate hit, then chocolate might work too.

Thaw the frozen strawberries in the microwave (5 min, low power). Chop coarsely. Sprinkle with Splenda or other sweetener and set aside. Make the pudding per instructions. Before the pudding sets.Pour half into a dessert dish (a shallow-ish casserole dish works in a pinch). Layer the fruit on top. Pour the other half of the pudding over the fruit.

Sometimes I use the whole package of pudding for the bottom layer, and then low-fat mousse (also available in instant-dust format) for the top layer.

The pudding-and-fruit-thingy can serve 6 or 7 people, so go easy.

8/9/12 1:58 P

Amy, I have a few ideas but it depends on what you consider comfort food.

What sort of junk do you eat when you're under stress? Sweets? Deep-fried-salty-crunchy-things?

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
8/9/12 12:18 P

I posted this in the spark cafe forum as well, but I usually never get a response, as there are so many posts, it gets moved away rather quickly. Anyway, I've been having some major stress issues lately and I turn to junk food to make me feel better. I know, I know, it is only temporary feeling good, but I was wondering if there is some healthy food out there that actually satisfies a stressed out life like mine. Thanks

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