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QUARKY Posts: 510
10/21/09 6:32 P

I like Ryvita - the dark ones. They are supposedly really healthy.

FERGSGIRL2 Posts: 7,629
10/21/09 6:19 P

Triscuits or wheat thins

SATTUA Posts: 557
10/21/09 4:54 P

Yeah, Wasa crackers are the only ones I eat, but they don't taste good by themselves!!! You have to top them with something tasty.

HOLLISTERGUY1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (13,158)
Posts: 159
10/21/09 4:28 P

I like Trader Joe's Savory Thin Mini Edamame Crackers. The nutritional info can be found at the following site:

ELFITZPA Posts: 1,455
10/21/09 3:21 P

Check out the various flavors of Wasa crackers. They're high in whole grains and fiber, not bad on sodium (compared to most commercial crackers, anyway) and they even have low-cal versions of some flavors.

SUPERSNAZZ Posts: 1,139
10/21/09 9:58 A

I can't offer a specific brand, but I choose crackers that are low fat and low sodium. It's tricky to find one that meets both of these criteria!

KALORIE-KILLAH SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (19,921)
Posts: 5,261
10/21/09 9:53 A

Triscuits are great (but try to get the low sodium variety)!

I've recently fell in love with Kashi TLC crackers. They're relatively low in sodium, 15 crackers are in a 130 (I think) Calorie serving, and they come in lots of varieties.

I used to love Special K's crackers but the TLC ones are much tastier!

DAVIDR1450 Posts: 140
10/21/09 9:48 A

I was watching a cooking show that used the oriental wraps (for egg foo yung I believe) to make chips. they cut into triangles (or it comes in triangles) and baked. Never tried it though.

STNKYPAPER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (22,619)
Posts: 200
10/21/09 9:44 A

I love Triscuits but since you only get 6 per serving (120cals) I decided to try out All*Bran Crackers which gives you 18 per serving and about the same amount calories... I do love Triscuits though...

MEGANE2007 SparkPoints: (24,109)
Fitness Minutes: (73,773)
Posts: 693
10/21/09 9:41 A

Luckily I've never been a huge potato chip/cheetos/doritos/etc. fan. That being said, I still crave a salty snack every now and then. For those of you that by snack crackers, what kind do you find to be the healthiest? I've been getting the pretzel rods, triscuits, and goldfish lately and wanted to know if there are other options out there with low cal/carbs?

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