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1/4/14 6:11 A

Carbs are the nutrient that has the most influence over your blood sugar levels. Maybe eat Rye bread only or pumpernickel as both digest slowly and wont spike your body's insulin....digests slowly and the sugars in rye flour are absorbed into your bloodstream much more slowly.

You wont feel so tired either!...a carb rich diet does not allow you to lose the excess weight. Eggs, olives, and string cheese all have small amounts of carbohydrate. Maybe try Brown rice pasta by Hodgson Mills available at Walmart or Trader Joe's seems to be more dense and filling.

How much and what kind of carbs do matter...High carb foods raise blood sugars easily and also some people get cravings and salt addiction may even cause food cravings!
Brown rice and barley have resistant starches.....chickpeas, black eyed peas, lentils black beans, butter beans, cannellini beans, kidney beans, soy beans, split peas, navy and pinto beans...they are slow digesting and help keep you full. Also Wild Rice because it has less calories than brown rice, fewer carbs than brown rice, more fiber and higher in protein and should fill you up quicker

Cereals are high in sugar and sodium, puffed rice or puffed wheat which has no sodium or salt or sugar, multi-grain cheerios (medium sugar intake of 6 grams) or Kashi 7 whole grain puffs (organic section $2.89 per box and eat with skim milk and berries.

Mild dehydration can stall weight loss so make sure to keep that water glass filled up

Avoid saturated fats such as butter, cream and mayonnaise. Maybe try Kraft Horseradish Sauce which has some mayo with a slight tang but use sparingly. Get Benocal Spread instead of butter, because of the plant sterols it can lower cholesterol.

As for peanut butter..I find that natural peanut butter does not mean without added sugars and hydrogenated oils.....go for the full fat kind as sugars and starchy fillers in reduced fat peanut butter are unhealthy and the difference in calories is small....When choosing a jelly chose one that says low in sugar...Smucker's has a low sugar grape jelly that's good.

Fage 0% plain yogurt is a good has protein and less sugar than other brands that I am aware of .... and you can add fresh or frozen berries to sweeten.

If you have never tried Almond Milk ...try Silk...or stick with the Skim.

You can turn any salad into a main meal with the addition of shrimp, chicken, sliced steak, Avocados, olives, and toasted nuts, , tuna, sardines, crab, anchovy, low sodium cheese, bacon, hard-boiled egg, salmon, raw broccoli or cauliflower, green beans, peas, apple, gherkin, orange segments, pear, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, almonds, cucumber, tomato, radish, carrot, beets, peppers, shredded cabbage, a few sweet corn kernels, onion, olives, celery. Romaine is high in nutritional value and so is spinach. So skip the iceberg lettuce. Kale is also good and loaded with fiber. The darker green, the better.

Kidney Beans, Black Beans or chickpeas add fiber. Fat Free Croutons or 1 Tbs. of Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits once in awhile. Sesame Seeds High in fiber, protein, calcium and magnesium, which helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol and helps stabilize blood sugar your salads with some.

Walnuts are a great source of omega 3's. Eating just 4 walnuts per day can keep your heart healthy....about 27 calories a whole walnut.

Pistachio's contain Vitamin A, B complex, folate and phosphorous. They lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Almonds are low in saturated fat, reduce blood sugar levels

A good rule is to have 20 almonds and is about 140 calories... they are low in saturated fat, reduce blood sugar levels

Just some ideas...hope they help!

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1/4/14 4:15 A

What are good choices swapping out pantry staples for anyone or me and what I have in there all the time? The big things that need changing and I get confused on what's best are carbs such as breads, pastas, then its healthier forms of peanut butter, butters, jellies, and other random things even like pistachios or almonds which I love.

I have gotten suggestions before and most are helpful thought spending a lot on something I don't like times 5 things is challenging and frustrating. I do try to avoid artificial sweeteners, and giant lists of weird sounding products on labels, I also am not one to exclude meats or a food group and I also don't get all crazy on whether a food id organic or not. I do have a small but workable budget and typically don't plan meals in advance either.

I will list the things I need help with, butter, the dairy stick kind, pb, jelly, pasta (I don't do wheat and like barilla past plus which is a better choice, cereals or anything breakfast almost, milks (I drink skim right now and know I don't like soy and have never tried almond milk or all that) yogurts, healthier swaps for ground beef beyond chicken, (I will eat seafood, I like shrimp, fish and clams but its pricy for me and would consider other things or sources of protein I can cook with though I have no idea about tofu) (I like greek yogurt in smoothies but haven't tried the whole chobani or oikos or some brand to stick with), and after that its just making little swaps like less miracle whip for sandwiches and how to make a not so bland salad (I LOVE ones that have fruits like strawberries, blueberries oranges, feta or blue cheese and some kind of crunch in them. I just have a hard time figuring what to combine them with for a good salad beyond chicken or tuna in them). Any advice or suggestions would be great!

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