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SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,899
5/29/13 7:40 P

hmmm well when i first posted i wasnt even thinking religion, honestly it never crossed my mind, but i guess i should have seen that is the way some might view it.
i dont normally discuss religion or politics and wont be here, but i did add my thoughts on the subject and now moving on.....

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SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,899
5/29/13 7:34 P

Well first of all, thanks to all who responded, and secondly, I ASKED her to make the piece of jewelry for me, she didnt say to me I WILL IMPROVE YOUR LIFE, maybe go back and re-read before you add your comments.
Next, I am not implying that a rock can HEAL anyone, anymore than I believe GOD can or does heal anyone.
If rocks and religious symbols could HEAL us, we dang sure wouldnt need to spend a fortune on medical consults and insurance etc.
I didnt intend for this to turn into a religious discussion, as I never once even considered the crystals and hemp on the anklet she made me to be religious, I AM NOT RELIGIOUS, I AM AGNOSTIC.
To me the symbols are just that, symbols...she added these pieces to give me a sense of the feeling of their meanings, the same way I am sure someone wears a cross feels or a star of david, etc.
I wouldnt wear any of those for religious purposes, and I wont be wearing the anklet for relgious purposes, to me it was something I asked her to make, we talked about love and loss and the feeling of needing to be close to someone who I am missing and of my broken foot and pain within, and she made the anklet based on stones that SHE BELIEVES would symbolize these.
I love the anklet, its pretty, made with purple and jade and rose and hemp and I love the way it looks against my tan skin and to me that has about as much religious value as any other religious symbol.
But I believe it will help me, to feel closer to my friend, because of the eye charm she added, it will help me to feel good about myself when I wear it because it is a pretty piece of jewelry and all of us ladies like a nice piece of jewelry.
I really do hope it helps me feel better than I have been feeling lately, not that a few crystals will heal my foot, the docs have been trying that for 5 months now and its slow going and my friend has been praying for months now and so far, zilch.
I guess everyone has to think for themselves and to me, these crystals have the same POWER to heal as someone might get from sitting in a sweat tent or dipping themselves in some blessed water,etc.
I dont really believe in any of that, but she does and she made the anklet for me based on what she knew about me. I have family and friends who are Christian and they pray for me, and I wouldnt say to them, no thanks, dont pray for me, anymore than I would say to her, no thanks I dont believe in that stuff....I do like the anklet and it looks good on me and I am wearing shorts alot now so I will really enjoy it. So, thats about all I have, to each his own and more power to ya Amen.

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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/29/13 12:11 P

I will take the opposite viewpoint from Anarie on this one.

I do not believe in "healing crystals" but I think I would appreciate the sentiment, the effort that she went to, to create something unique for me.

Sort of the same way, I might appreciate the sentiment if someone suggested they would "keep me in their prayers" - I don't believe would actually help me heal, but, it's nice that they are trying to do something that they see as kind, for me.

I would not equate it to "pushing a belief system" - with a piece of jewelry like that, you can choose what meaning YOU want to imbue it with. You can choose to use it decoratively, or you can choose to wear it as a sort of talisman. You can choose to share the "back story" behind it, or not. The components of the necklace might have spiritual meanings to her, or others, but the piece itself is not an overtly religious icon such as a crucifix or hijab....

Yeah, I'd find it more similar to if she'd told you "i made it with copper wire and magnets" You can enjoy the piece, without buying into the notion of "copper's healing properties."

ANARIE Posts: 13,200
5/29/13 10:45 A

I'm not going to comment on what anyone else believes, but I will second the mention that this kind of thing is absolutely NOT appropriate as a gift. It would be just as rude as giving a crucifix to a Jewish friend or asking a Western Christian woman to wear a hijaab. I don't care how pretty the embroidery is; if you imply that I should cover my head because you believe in it, I'm not going to like that. If you give me a bracelet and say, "Here, this will help you improve your life," you're implying that something's wrong with my life and you think a rock has a better chance of solving it than I do.

AMARANTHA120S Posts: 474
5/29/13 10:07 A

I love jewelry like that for its symbolism and ancient connections. It is not a matter of believing that anything would heal me or not heal me but more that a special crystal or object in jewelry form, especially a gift, might make me feel better to look at or hold if something were bothering me and its symbolism might fuel healthful thoughts or meditations that might be relevant to me.

I personally think as far as a gift goes, I would only give such a symbol if I knew the person well and knew it would not only appeal to them but they would not find it offensive that I was trying to heal them or share a belief system.


LILLY77771 SparkPoints: (2,367)
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5/29/13 9:43 A

I believe in the healing power of GOD and His will in life. I always to Jesus and ask Him to give me His strength and courage. Then I do the best I can for myself. I may not always succeed but He knows That I do my best. emoticon emoticon

MATTHEW0498 SparkPoints: (32,853)
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5/29/13 8:50 A

No, I don't really believe in that kind of thing although I know several people who do.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
5/29/13 8:48 A

Though it would probably be pretty and make me feel better because of it being bling, I would rather trust by body to heal itself. God designed my body to heal. it doesn't need help or outside interference.

JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (30,946)
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Posts: 2,249
5/29/13 12:21 A

you ask so I shall respond. I will NEVER believe a crystal or stone would EVER give someone inner peace,or a crystal heals someone,or brings money,or love )
I go to God's word to bring me inner peace, I ask God if it is his will not mine to heal me.I know God will provide for me as he does the fowl of the earth as it says in his Word. If I am to be provided with a soul mate I will be provided one.( which I was at the age of 34.) I go to God's word for everything I struggle with but I know there are times I want it my way & it does not work out so I know God's Word is the true way for me not a crystal!!!!

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,899
5/28/13 11:52 P

My son has a friend who makes jewelry, hemp and crystals and such. Recently I had asked to see her pictures of her jewelry to get an idea for a gift for a friend.
As I looked I realized the jewelry she makes wouldnt appeal to my friend, so I asked her to make me a piece.
She asked me some questions about myself, likes, etc, and knowing that I am trying to heal, a broken foot and some other personal she showed me the finished product.
A hemp anklet with an eye, the eye has a special meaning to me, a link to my friend who is suffering his own issues at the moment.
She added crystals of amethyst, she says it promotes healing and helps to release pain.
Jade, to help bring money and prosperity, which I really need.
and rose quartz, to bring about love.
I guess there are different kinds of love, she said she will add a seperate rose quartz for me to rub when I need to find love inside my own heart.
And she added a small peace symbol in order for me to find inner peace.
I am going to pick the piece up tomorrow and cannot wait to wear it, I hope it really will help me.
Just wondering if others out there believe in the healing powers of crystals and such???

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