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8/30/12 8:25 A

Water, water, water. Keep a cup or bottle at hand at all times. I agree, you're going to crash regardless, but I totally agree with Parisapril's recommendation. Make it count! Protein and fat have staying power that will keep you fuller, longer. Avoid simple carbs that are broken down easily and spike your blood sugar.

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8/30/12 8:24 A

8 hours shouldn't be a big deal. Protein is your best friend, avoid anything with sugar, even dairy sugars and don't go for a protein bar. If you can, cook 12-16 oz chicken breast in some olive oil and eat that with some brown rice or whole wheat pasta. Have some veggies on the side.

If you need a more breakfasty type thing, best thing I can reccomend is a 100% whole wheat bagel SMOTHERED in peanut butter. Add a banana if you want. This is so filling, and the banana shouldn't cause the even minor sugar crash because of the fats and whole grains. Eat two of them if you want, you won't be hungry for 8 hours after that.

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8/30/12 7:05 A

Eat lots of protein 30g or more and a lot of fat 20g or more.

You will crash but that should help lessen the effects.

Good luck with your tests today.

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8/30/12 6:56 A

Having to fast for medical tests today. After 8 this morning I can't anything for a least 8 hours. Any good suggestion on healthy food that will have staying power, so I don't crash by noon.

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