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Below is a link that you may find helpful - the Mayo Clinic is a very reliable source!

You would be best to discuss this issue with your Dr and be guided by him/her. You may also benefit from an appointment with your Dietitian, especially if your new treatment doesn't see a drop in weight. I would suggest using the Nutrition Tracker if you don't already use it, and weigh everything for increased accuracy. This will make it loads easier for a Dietitian to give you proper feedback.

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After years of suffering from chronic fatigue depression muscle and joint soreness migraines and now hair loss ( which i put down to just getting old) i was diagnosed with hashimotoes disease which is a type of hypothyroid condition. i find the diet information for this disease contradicting. Some sources say eat foods from the cabbage family whilst others say don't eat that kind of food.Other sources say avoid grains nuts and seeds. Anyone out there who has this condition and what diet adjustments did u make.

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