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5/24/13 9:11 A


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5/24/13 8:57 A

FLABSGOTTAGO, best wishes to you for this to work. But remember, your goal is NOT to lose 100 lbs; it is to KEEP OFF 100 lbs! Someone said she gained her weight back plus another hundred; that happened to me too after my Medifast fiasco, and I've known a few folks who had similar results with Jenny Craig and other packaged foods diets. We don't want it to happen to you.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
5/8/13 9:21 P

I tried it years ago very expensive, lost some weight but the minute you eat real food you gain it all back and make sure you look at your shakes good they were sending me out dated stuff!!!!!!!!
You should try gnc lean it's 23 dollars at a sam's club and tastes better and fills you more, I didn't find that medifast was filling me and it was very tough to stick with good luck

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5/8/13 8:39 P


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5/8/13 8:21 P

No. That's not the life style change I want to set as my goal. I want to learn all about eating habits, how to prepare my food, learn portion control, work out, get healthier. I also find satisfaction from eating my food. Losing the weight slowly is better over the long haul. Better for skin tone, too. No fast fixes; just the old fashioned way. Lose the weight, do it once, get healthier, and maintain my goal.

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5/8/13 6:35 P

No. Reviews and customer service don't seem to be positive. Also as others mentioned what happens once you reach goal? . I would rather do it the longer but more permanent way.

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5/8/13 1:11 P


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5/8/13 12:47 P

I would rather see one develop their own form of a semi liquid diet by juicing vegetables and fruits instead of drinking a bunch of additives and preservatives. I think the best way is one meal liquid and two meals chewing food and controlling portions. This you can do the rest of your life if it works for you.

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5/8/13 12:35 P

I tried a very similar product about 25 years ago and like others regained once I went off. Total waste of my hard-earned money. Oprah also tried it around the same time and lost 67 lbs. I'm sure everyone who saw it remembers seeing her haul a little red wagon full of 67 lbs of fat onto the stage! That's what motivated me to try it. She gained it all back too. I'm sorry we're all so negative but I know we all hope you'll be the exception.

TSISQUAUSDI Posts: 1,676
5/8/13 9:46 A

Yes, I have. It works pretty well, but I don't like artificial food, especially the sweeteners. It's also VERY expensive. I did some research and there is another company that makes Wonder Slim - It's about half the price and the same things. Google Direct - They have the best prices

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5/8/13 9:10 A


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5/8/13 8:08 A


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5/8/13 7:45 A


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5/8/13 7:31 A


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5/8/13 7:30 A


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5/8/13 7:17 A

No-too scary.

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5/8/13 7:13 A

No I haven't as I am a true exercise junkie....I couldn't live on bars and shakes.

Congrats on losing the weight and good luck

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5/6/13 11:08 A


ELISAJANE57 Posts: 763
5/6/13 10:14 A

No, I lost 50 pounds through SP so I am a firm believer that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is the old fashioned way. Eat less, burn more. I tracked my food with SP and it helped me know how many calories I ate and control my portions. I started exercising more. Now I am working on maintaining my weight loss and so far so good 1 year later.

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5/6/13 9:51 A


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5/6/13 9:44 A

I did this 15 years ago and it worked because I stuck with it and exercised but at that time there wasn't any education on how to maintain the loss once your resumed to eating regular food and I gained it all back plus another 100 lbs

5/6/13 9:30 A

I have 2 friends that used Medifast and had great success in the first few months, but as soon as they started eating whole food, they started to have abdominal pain and BOTH had to have their gall bladders removed. It has a lot of preservatives and fillers in it, just be careful. The fact that both of these people had gall bladder problems after being on it for 90 days concerned me!

ELMA1913 Posts: 5,051
5/6/13 9:26 A

NO - have to agree completely with the last comment.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
5/6/13 9:01 A

no and personally I have no intention of every going on it. The problem I see with these programs is that they don't teach you to eat. They are portion control and maybe some nutrient control, but when you are off it, what did you really learn.

That being said, i am glad that it is working for you.

FLABSGOTTAGO SparkPoints: (897)
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5/6/13 8:14 A

I started this may 1st and i cant believe i am down 7 pounds already. the first day was BRUTAL! However I am doing great with it.

Love the shakes and the bars.

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