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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
3/26/13 1:04 P

It doesn't matter what you call them, cheat days, planned indulgence days whatever. The point is that it was one day, you recognized it for what it was and you made bettere choices the next day. That will happen from time to time, sometimes planned, sometimes unplanned. Last week I was on vacation, I knew tracking would be more frustrating than helpful. Of the 8 days I tracked the two travel days and was in range, I knew I would over the other 6 but I worked out extra on those days and tried to stick with grilled or baked choices, lots of veggies and fruits and enjoyed my vacation.

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CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,973
3/26/13 8:58 A

I don't like the terminology of "cheat days" either. You didn't cheat on healthy food by eating stuff that was more caloric. To me, cheating implies that you did something morally wrong and you didn't! You just ate a bit more than you had planned. That's just called LIFE. Some days you eat more, some you eat less. The important thing is to learn a lesson from this, forgive yourself for overindulging and move on.

One great thing I learned from Spark is this: if you eat too much at a meal or snack, do NOT consider that day ruined. In other words, don't use one slip-up as an excuse to binge for the rest of the day.

If you were driving and ran a red light and got a ticket, would you continue to break every traffic law you could for the rest of the day? No way! You would instead drive more carefully for the rest of the day. This is a mindset that has been really helpful for me to adopt because I am emotional binge eater.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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3/26/13 7:42 A

I wouldn't call them "cheat" days but I do allow myself planned indulgences once in awhile. I also eat at maintenance every 4th day.

I totally binged 2 days last week when I rarely ever do that. On homemade granola bars, crackers and popcorn. But that's not a "cheat day" I would consider a cheat day to be planned. That was me losing control.

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SPORTYLAWGIRL SparkPoints: (11,853)
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3/25/13 7:31 P

I have calorie blowouts almost every time I go out drinking. It happens. The key is to try to start being healthy again at the next meal.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/25/13 5:37 P

i don't call them "cheat" days either. I have worked it in my plan to have one or two days every month where i may eat other things. Cheat days just sounds negative. Like the PP, I never lose control.

3/25/13 5:11 P

I wouldn't call it an actual "cheat" day---I see it more as a day that your plan to eat healthy options was interrupted by a lack of food options that are normally present. If this becomes a regular occurance, you will want to plan and bring your own food.

SP Dietitian Becky

BUNNYVUNE Posts: 110
3/25/13 3:34 P

I'll have a bigger calorie meal once every week or to, but not a whole day of junk. I don't think I like junk enough to do that right now. And I never call it a cheat. And there is never a loss of control. It's just a situation that requires different eating. Sunday will be quite different in my household. I'm not sure what it will entail, but I'm assuming there will be a lot of butter and tiny pickles...

HUNNA13 Posts: 180
3/25/13 2:55 P

I work in a place that provides basically all of our meals. They are pretty good about keeping a "healthy" fridge stocked. Yesterday, both fridges were basically empty. I decided to have a cup of leftover pasta with red sauce, but it wasn't gonna hold me over for the remaining 5 hours of work (I work 2nd shift.) I ended up caving and started snacking. I tried to pick what I "thought" was healthy (trail mix type with pretzels, nuts, etc.) Turns out it was Beer Nuts Bar Mix, and I looked up the nutrition content online and found out is absolutely horrible for you! So then I felt even worse, and continued to snack on bad things. Was feeling pretty down and out about it, until I realized that hey, I only "caved" one day out of 7. That is pretty good in my opinion! I am back on track today, and that is all that matters :) Anyone else have their "cheat" days?

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