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7/24/13 2:26 P

Personally, I think Gyms are very costly. Some averaging $500 a year!. I have an old school stationary bike at home, I power walk in a.m., and I go to Zumba classes when I can, maybe 2-3 times a week. Punch card is $100 for 20 class sessions. I started kettlebells with the dvd. There is an awesome trainer on the Spanish network, Claudia Molina, (u tube exercises with her name ) and she is amazing!! She firmly believes you can get in shape with NO gym, simply at home, and she has an incredible body...Good Luck:}

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
12/12/12 3:08 A

I take classes at the gym for my cardio and use the gym for my weights. The classes are included in the membership, the one I go to is held 3 times a week and the instructor is 65 year old man.

ANADDY1 Posts: 43
12/12/12 12:44 A

Over the years, I traded between gym and at-home fitness. However, right now, working out at home with my exercise DVD's is what works for me. If I went to the gym, I would have to get up 30-40 min earlier to compensate for the drive time. I have to get up early enough to get my workout in before work.

I have accumulated over 100 exercise DVDs, I have weights, kettlebell's and an exercise bike and other exercise equipment that takes up a small corner in the living room. I have plenty of workout options.

The money that I'm no longer paying out in gym fees to "rent" their equipment leaves me with extra money in the budget to purchase new DVDs and other workout items.

However, when I did go to the gym, it was nice to get out of the house and I enjoyed the classes.

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12/12/12 12:35 A

I don't do at home fitness. I take mainly classes, including adult ballet classes, horseback riding, and more. I love dancing, and I love horses, so these classes are fun and it hardly feels like I'm working out at all. These classes both meet about twice a week. I have also found luck taking belly dancing classes (don't worry, most women in these classes are middle aged adults who are far from size 0), and even adult martial arts classes.

I will sometimes head to the gym but only in the winter when the weather doesn't allow me to go outside. I go walking, jogging, biking outside a lot during the fall and spring because we have great bike trails and, living in the city, there are actual destinations I can walk/jog/bike to. There is an art museum about 4 miles away on the bike trails, a water fall only 1.5 miles away, and (if I'm up to it) an equestrian(horse) research center 7 miles away!

When I do go to the gym I take my ipod with me and watch tv shows on it. I get really bored just running on the treadmill, even with music, so I need to watch tv shows to keep my mind busy!

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12/11/12 3:32 P

I go to the gym for classes. The classes are much more entertaining -- mainly because of the social aspect. I also push myself harder, and feel more satisfied after a class.

I think the type of gym determines the strenuousness of the workout. For example, here we have O2 Fitness, which is more of an "in shape" gym and the classes are intense. YMCA or Healthtrax have a wider range of classes, and it says on the website the difficulty beginner/intermediate/advanced.

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12/11/12 3:28 P

At-home for me. The only time I ever used a gym was senior year of college, and it was one of the on-campus fitness centers. Even then I prefer at-home exercises because it's convenient and I prefer using my own equipment. I'm kind of a germaphobe and got sick of wiping down machines before I even used them because other people couldn't be bothered to do so once they finished with them.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
12/11/12 3:20 P

Technically I can do all three, but I only use the gym.

Working out at home is not fun for me. I absolutely abhor classes. My gym has a lot of them but I've never done any and never well. I've been a member of something like 7 gyms and have only taken classes at one of them and never will again. But I LOVE the gym!!!

My gym's classes usually only meet once/week each but there are at least 20 different classes so most people pick a few and do a different class each day which then repeats the following week. All classes are included in the regular fee - that's been the case at every gym except one that I've used. All the instructors however are young and very, very slim. If they were not, people would not take their classes, I'm pretty sure. People want to think that if they keep doing the class, they will look like the instructor!

They blare the music so loudly... it is so obnoxious. I try to avoid the hours that the classes are happening.

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12/11/12 3:04 P

I use the gym for (1) access to a squat rack and (2) to get myself out of the house. (Oh, and (3) because they have a rowing machine)

I used to take classes since they got me up in the morning and helped me push myself a little harder. I only really liked yoga (which, actually, I took in the evening) and BodyPump. Right now, they don't fit my schedule. (I also had trouble dealing with the people in BodyPump at 5:30am. I mean, I totally get why everyone wanted to be perky and stuff before class, but I just wanted to be left alone until we actually started the class. I'm not good at small talk and I'm not good at mornings, so being around chatty morning people was actually NOT a good way to get me going. I know, I'm weird.)

I have a bench and bar and dumbells and a yoga mat (I rather than in-person classes right now) and a running trail at home. I only do my deadlift and over head press days at home since I need a rack to do heavy squats and bench presses.

My best out-of-home workouts though come through my rowing club. A sport group or club is another great way to get in a workout and socializing if you are looking for either or both of those things.

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12/11/12 2:49 P

I say all of the above if you can. I stopped going to the gym because we now have a basement workout room. So I figured save the money. But I love the gym too and thinking about joining again. Classes are awesome (and you can even do DVD classes like Zumba or Turbo Fire. All of them are great.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
12/11/12 2:43 P

I workout at home because it's more convenient for me. My husabnd hits the gym in the mornings. I have found I also workout more consistently in the mornings, but someone has to be at home with the kids, so that's me. My husband has been going to the gym in the am since before we even started dating, so I'm not going to disrupt that, plus he couldn't do his (powerlifting) workouts at our home. I have a bench, bar, rack, dumbells and plates that he purchased me when I said I wanted to lift heavy (heavier). I also have a treadmill and a (rarely used) stationary bike. I have a PS3 that gets on the internet and a DVD player and a yoga mat and a library of DVDs, so I'm all set. I've taken classes at my husband's gym, and while the instructors were often encouraging and possibly a tad too enthusiastic at points, I wouldn't call them perky, and I don't think any of them were a size 0. I got 10 class punch passes on sale for $25, they're normally $50, so that's $5 a class, not terrible, although I don't purchase at the regular price since the classes were just to supplement my workout for fun and variety, not be my only workout. I've also taken yoga classes at a local rec center that was reasonably priced, $36 for 6 punches, maybe, I can't remember now. A lot of YMCAs offer classes, too.

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12/11/12 2:41 P

All of the above. I go to the gym to use their weights and take/teach classes. When the weather is bad, I'll do stuff at home.

Can a person find classes to suit their pocketbook, needs and goals ? You betcha. Group exercise instructors come in a variety of ages, shapes and sizes. We all aren't size 0 or co-eds. Some of us are over 40. BUT, we do have to be perky ! LOL !! When people come to class, they do expect the teacher to be motivational and upbeat. No one wants to attend a class where a teacher is merely going through the moves.

If you go to a class in a bad mood, a great instructor will have you in a good mood by the end of it.

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12/11/12 2:21 P

I belong to gym, though it is called a "Wellness Center" and is affiliated with the local hospital. When I first joined, I didn't know what to do, so I did the treadmill. After a while, I started water aerobics and since then, have started strength training and attended other classes such as Pilates. A primary reason I joined a gym, rather than home fitness, was to socialize. Not only am I now retired, I moved. This gives me a chance to socialize and gets me out of the house. When I was working, home fitness was more convenient for me. I used to pop in a video before work.

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12/11/12 2:00 P

Which do you do, and why?

And... can you find a class that actually meets twice a week or more, doesn't cost a fortune, isn't too far away, and doesn't involve a perky young size zero person telling you to "feel the burn?"

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