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11/21/12 1:38 P

Believe me, it took me a while to believe that just playing tag or hide and seek with my niece and nephew was exercise, but it was. Maybe i didn't break a sweat or work major muscle groups, but that 20 minutes or so playing with the kids did so much for my mood. The smile on their faces told me that I did good. They still remember playing in the lake at the cabin and being thrown in the water and dunked. They remembered the leisurely walks down the path to the main road.
My nieces and nephews are my big why. Losing weight is NOT my number one goal. In fact it comes down in the top 10. I want to be healthy--100% function of body, mind and spirit with no evidence of disease. Once I get to that point i will no longer be overweight. I will be a good influence on the younger set.
I understand busy and I understand tired and I understand sore. What I can't understand is looking into the face of my 8 month old nephew and denying him knowing his most favorite aunty because she was too tired, sore or busy to take care of herself.
so if that means just stepping in place for 10 minutes in front of the tv or taking a short walk is all I have time for? Then I will do it.

AUNTMISSA Posts: 136
11/21/12 1:28 P

i think its hard for some people(including me) to think that throwing a football or walking in place during a tv show etc counts as a "workout". its hard to find the time to do a 30-45min "workout" where u r sweating and out of breath.We tend to forget that the little things count too! i have to walk in place 10min at a time to get in exercise even tho its still hard for me to think of that as exercise.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/21/12 1:23 P

Your inspiration is in your last sentence. If your boys aren't enough to get you off your butt, then nothing is. Use them as your big why. Don't you want to see them grow up? Don't you want to run around and play with them without being winded? Don't you want to see them graduate? Don't you want to dance at their weddings? Don't you want to hold your grandbabies and watch them grow too? If the answer to that is YES, then you have all the inspiration you need.

Don't have time to exercise-- POPPYCOCK-- picture your kids and grandkids without you in the picture-- now I bet you can find the time.
All you can do it eat healthy on a given day- then do it.
Have your kids exercise with you. Who says it has to be structured. Go throw a football with them in the yard. Take them to the local pool and swim. Get on a bike and ride around the neighborhood with them. .
Be the best parent you can be. When you are done with the activity-- go into the kitchen and teach them a healthy dinner. Kids are more apt to eat a healthy meal if they help prepare it.

ok, i am now off my soapbox. But please don't mention that you have kids and have no inspiration to exercise just because the week is hectic. Your kids should be enough to get off your butt even if it is late at night or early in the morning. OK, guess I wasn't done on the soapbox yet.

AUNTMISSA Posts: 136
11/21/12 1:19 P

i feel the same. if i miss a workout i get all off track.what i have to do is do 10min walks etc here and there. just try to remember that EVERY movement you make is only gonna HELP. so its better then nothing.thats good that you are at least eating right on those days! its impossible to be 100% so i shoot for eating good and working out 50% right now and go from there

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11/21/12 1:14 P

Not sure where to post this.

I'm fed up with myself. I want so badly to be fit and healthy. I started my program and had to put the exercise aside again. This week has just been hectic. To me i mess up when i can't work out. I guess if i eat healthy even if i can't work out that day is still ok? I don't know... i just hate how i look and how unfit i am. I want to be around for a long time for my boys. Just need some inspiration.

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