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You are not alone in this. One thing I have found helpful is to always have loads of sugar-free gum with me and just chewing it rather than overeating. Alternatively, I throw away anything that's tempting after I have had one portion. That way I know it is gone so I have no choice than to chew some sugar-free gum and drink water. I found this article on Sparkpeople and it has some useful tips

Don't give up! Take baby steps at a time and you will do just fine.

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I don't know what is wrong with me. I go all day staying on my food plan. It's carefully calculated depending on my activities, etc. to be healthy, nutritious, well-balanced, within my diabetic guidelines and delicious. But then at 4:00 or even at 6:00, something else comes over me and all I want to do is eat eat eat. And I usually do.

I undo all the good I've done all day, all the work outs, all the activity, all the healthy food. The first advice would be to get all the temptations out of the house. We they are out and have been out for years because I can't be keeping booze in the house when there's an alcoholic in the house. Just doesn't work.

I can eat up with toast, sandwiches, cereal...almost anything that would be healthy and reasonable at any other time of the day but not reasonable within 30 minutes of having supper.

It's like a drug pulling me...I can't break the addiction. I start to get a euphoria and just want to eat.

Tonight I plan to leave the room, leave the house, go do something...anything to fight this and JUST SAY NO. I have to do this!

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