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NANCYPAT1 Posts: 60,100
1/30/13 5:11 P

Keep on tweaking things - as you go along you will find that different things work for you at different times and you can pick and choose until you find what works NOW for YOU.

MURRAY4LOSS4 SparkPoints: (7,386)
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1/30/13 3:51 P

Thanks I needed that. I going to give up the scale (every day weigh in) to just once a week and that's going to be on Monday's. I can feel the difference in my jeans I can get my 15 on and done up but I don't like the painted look so I have a little more work to do to get in them nicely.

1/30/13 3:34 P

A weightloss journey can seem like a second or third job at the beginning but the pay off will be greater! One thing to keep in mind is that the scale is not always king (or queen). Take your measurements and judge by how your clothes fit. Muscle takes up less space than fat and burns more calories than fat even though it weighs more. I know this might seem counterintuitive because we all want the scale to move (and fast!) but those inches can also be inspiring!

One thing that helps me stay motivated is to equate my losses to everyday things and to measue in percentages. You have lost 5 blocks of butter AND have already lost 10% of your goal!

Keep up the good work! :)

MURRAY4LOSS4 SparkPoints: (7,386)
Fitness Minutes: (4,204)
Posts: 164
1/30/13 1:12 P

yes your right I should do that just once a week it's such a hard habit to break but I guess it goes with all the other habits we have to break to live a healthy and fit life

RADIOHEAD1312 SparkPoints: (3,510)
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1/30/13 11:14 A

What I learned and how to keep myself from doing everyday, was weigh myself. That only made me more and more frustrated. Now I do weekly weigh ins at my gym and it's helped me stay motivated and calm

MURRAY4LOSS4 SparkPoints: (7,386)
Fitness Minutes: (4,204)
Posts: 164
1/29/13 11:49 A

Thanks MSU_GAL I am doing better today I not going to weigh myself until next Monday I just feel heavy and don't want that on my plate. I started exesring again and if feels GREAT. I am ready to get going again

MSU_GAL Posts: 885
1/28/13 12:36 P

I've had issues with not getting enough fats and calories, and I found that it was easier to but less "low fat" or "skim" products and actually eat a little more fat in the same volume of food. That and nuts, nuts are good for getting a little calorie and fat without eating a ton more.

Keep up the great work! 5 pounds is great!

MURRAY4LOSS4 SparkPoints: (7,386)
Fitness Minutes: (4,204)
Posts: 164
1/28/13 12:24 P

I didn't even weigh myself today because I knew I had a weight gain and I just don't want to deal with it. I had a very busy week least week I was not able to workout and I ate good 75% of the time . we will see what happens this week

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 60,100
1/28/13 10:14 A

You are doing GREAT. You need to learn a little patience - they say it is a virtue and I am sure it is, so PLEASE GOD GIVE ME PATIENCE AND PLEASE DO IT NOW.

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,785
1/28/13 7:28 A

Congratulations on losing 5 lbs! That's great! I started in November, and, as you can see from my tracker, I have not lost anything...

Good Job! Keep going!

DRIZZO1 SparkPoints: (847)
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Posts: 29
1/27/13 3:35 P

I dont know what im complaining about!!! just looked at my reports and i started on 1/6 and ive lost 5 pounds. Thats 5 pounds in 20 days. I guess I dont have a lot of patience hahahah!! Im gonna keep doing what im doing and reach my goal!!

AMBERT79 Posts: 56
1/25/13 11:00 A

Just saw this article on Pinterest:

Take a look! And, patience is a virtue emoticon
When I first started SP last winter, it was so much work (drove my husband nuts) but, it works! I lost my weight much faster than I was expecting. You just have to be diligent on entering and measuring everything. If aren't not eating enough, your body will hang onto fat thinking you are in starvation mode. Try eating vegetables and hummus as a snack-even if you are not hungry. Digestion burns calories!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/25/13 9:29 A

I eat only three times a day. maybe eat slightly heavier foods. Add sprouts to your salad. Add hemp seed to your salad.
I don't count calories in the sense of counting calories. i count nutrients.

Also get the word "DIET" out of your mind unless you think of diet as what you eat not what you go on.

also know that every positive change you make, every positive step you take is only going to benefit you.

DRIZZO1 SparkPoints: (847)
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Posts: 29
1/25/13 8:27 A

thanks for responding. I am hitting the carb, fat and protein ratios every day. My protiens are usually a couple % higher and the difference is usually split between the fats and carbs. So Im on track in that respect. I just really cant eat so much food!! If i eat snack Im forcing it down. My salt has not been bad as I have been watching and not really eating processed food. Ill just have to stick it out and keep adjusting until i find that sweet spot. I have to say though, my jeans do feel a little less tight. Im going to do measurements and see where I am in inches. If there is a change that will give me the boost I need.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,309
1/25/13 8:09 A

It is not uncommon to see a little rise, on the scale, when you first start out. The muscles need extra fluid to recover after exercise, and also depending on what you're eating (for example salty food) you could be retaining some water. Or it could be hormones, most women gain and lose some water "weight" through their monthly cycles. Also (and this may be TMI) if you're not used to eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, the extra fiber can slow things down some, until your digestive system gets used to it. So try not to be discouraged-- trust the process, and it will work.

In the beginning, it can seem very time consuming to do all that tracking. You can set up your Favorites and some Groupings though, and that makes it go faster. For example, I have the various Breakfasts I usually eat, set up as Groupings. Instead of entering each individual thing every day, I just click on the particular Breakfast I'm eating, and it adds everything all at one go. Personally, tracking my food has been the single most helpful thing with my weight loss.

As for adding more calories every day-- choose a few more calorie-dense foods here and there throughout the day; you can swap out some things that aren't as calorie dense, and still eat the same volume of food but get a few more calories in it. Nuts are very good for you and you don't have to eat very many at all-- easy to add a few to your salad. Saute your dinner vegetables in a little olive oil. I think exactly what you do, would depend too on whether you're hitting your minimums on carbs, protein, fat-- if you're low on protein every day, for example, you could add in an ounce of chicken to your lunch-- not a lot of food, but it boosts your protein and calories for the day.

DRIZZO1 SparkPoints: (847)
Fitness Minutes: (820)
Posts: 29
1/25/13 6:54 A

ok so I read some stuff and went through my tracker and im not hitting 1200 calories every day so I assume Im starving. I skip the afternoon snack most days because Im not hungry. How can I get more good calories when Im not even hungry??

DRIZZO1 SparkPoints: (847)
Fitness Minutes: (820)
Posts: 29
1/25/13 6:27 A

Being on diet and workout routine is very time consuming, almost like another job, with all the meal planning and preparing and work out time. I do feel better and i like working out but the scale is going up!!! 2 whole pounds!! Im trying to lose two pounds a week, not gain. This is very discouraging for me as I am truly working hard and eating right. Am I gaining muscle and thats why the scale is not moving? Could i possibly have gained two pounds of muscle in a week? Im at least 40 pounds over weight so its hard for me to be working this hard and not seeing any loss. Any comments are appreciated.

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