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9/1/13 9:10 A

SLIMMERKIWI, thank you. he recommends about two a day he probably meant as a snack. and DESCROMA, thank you too. it is good to talk to someone who has been through this. exercise actually makes me cringe at times because I really pushed myself before and made it so unenjoyable. I haven't exercised for almost two weeks and that drives me crazy too. I just have to focus. if yall believe, please pray for me. LIFEASFIT, thank you so much! you too!

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8/31/13 11:11 P

All the best!

8/31/13 11:09 P

For sure! Eating was so unnerving after everything being so carefully planned! It caused me a lot of distress, at first. But it DOES get better, and before long you will be enjoying your treats once again.

I still exercise, but I took a couple week break. For me, it was necessary to break the cycle so to speak. Now I go on walks that are WALKS, not runs, not jogs. I strength train once to twice a week. I will push myself more when I've gained back more weight. :)

Also, I love yoga! I really recommend it to everyone. It helps with some of that anxiety and it's physical without being taxing. Exercise shouldn't always feel so intense, and eating shouldn't always feel so controlled. By loosening the reigns, life is better and you are healthier.

I have 10 more pounds to put on. I'm about to eat a hamburger and french fries! And it's going to be delicious. :)

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8/31/13 9:32 P

If it were me, I would be having it for a snack, but what has your Dr/Registered Dietitian recommended? Make sure that you follow their advice!

Kris xx

TERRI-SUEE7 Posts: 85
8/31/13 9:12 P

Thanks to both of you, it's good to know even strangers can really care! DESCHROMA, when trying to get healthier and gain some weight did you have mood swings and even anxiety when sitting down for a meal and how do you exercise now? like how much and what? SLIMMERKIWI, so what you are saying is that instead of drinking it for a meal I should drink it like with a meal or for a snack?

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8/31/13 7:53 P

Ensure is excellent - here, they, or fortisip are often prescribed for those who can't eat (enough) normal foods for a variety of reasons. But (and I am unqualified) I would use it as an extra, rather than an 'instead of' food.

Kris xx

8/31/13 7:40 P

I just wanna say good job for trying to get healthier. I struggled with losing too much weight and exercising compulsively as well. The ultimate goal has to be health.

What's helping me is changing my eating habits to be way more lax. Allow some unhealthy foods to happen and don't feel guilty! Add nuts to salads, and avocado to sandwiches. Think of fun and delicious ways to sneak in some extra cals. Have fun with eating! Don't be afraid to pig out once in a while, and know that you are ultimately helping yourself to be healthy.

I wish you the best

TERRI-SUEE7 Posts: 85
8/31/13 7:15 P

thank you so much, sometimes I just get so much anxiety. I guess that has to do with hormones. its been hard. my doctor has given me two chances already. I don't wanna mess up. also do you know if those ensure drinks are any good for you?

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8/31/13 6:57 P

I wish you well with your journey to a healthy weight. Sometimes it is very hard being a teenager - you are becoming an adult and going through lots of changes. We also see lots in the media about stars, models, etc., and all of this contributes to how we see ourselves. Do know that there is a whole new happy life ahead of you, and people who care heaps - even those you may not realize care :-)

(I wanted to give you a SparkGoodie but your SparkPage is set to Private, so I couldn't, so here is this instead :-)
emoticon emoticon

Kris xxx

TERRI-SUEE7 Posts: 85
8/31/13 6:44 P

i weigh 96 and i'm 5'3", 16 years old. if I don't gain at least a pound by the 4th he is sending me to the hospital in Charleston and besides he said no more than 30 minutes of exercise and my parents wont let me strength train anymore till I gain weight because I used to strength train every day

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8/31/13 5:52 P

re the comment about doing the strength exercising to help build muscle, it would be dependent on how much underweight you are, and what your Dr recommends.

I know some who have been very underweight, and had been ordered by their Doctors to NOT exercise, other than a small gentle walk, UNTIL their weight had picked up. Be advised by your Dr.


TERRI-SUEE7 Posts: 85
8/31/13 11:19 A

thanks to all of yall! God bless!

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8/31/13 7:21 A

You have to eat at a surplus of 3500 cals above the amount of calories it takes to maintain your current weight to gain 1 lb of permanent weight.

So if it takes around 2000 cals to maintain your current weight and you ate 500 cals + per day (2500 cals), you should gain 1 lb per week.

The other posters have given you some suggestions on how to do that with diet. Healthy fats are an easy way to increase your calories without feeling too stuffed (they are calorie dense and have twice the amount of calories per gram as carbs and protein). Cooking with extra virgin olive oil will add a ton of extra cals to you day without filling you up too much. Eat more frequently.

You can also increase your calorie intake slowly so your body has time to adapt. Just add 200-300 cals per day each week until you reach your target.

I would highly recommend you strength train while gaining. This will create new muscle weight (LBM) so that your gain is not all fat. Do full body, compound exercises with a challenging weight (one that you reach muscle fatigue in 8-10 reps before increasing weight) or you can use resistance bands; 3x a week on alternating days to give your muscles a chance to heal and grow (on recovery days).

Limit the amount of cardio you do and keep it to 30 mins 3x a week of mod-high intensity cardio for the health benefits. The more cardio you do, the more you'll have to eat to gain.

Make sure you eat healthy while gaining and get adequate protein for muscle repair.

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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
8/31/13 7:13 A

Basically, the same thing for losing weight, maintaining weight, or gaining weight will receive the same sort of reply.

What you don't want to do is fill up on junk, but choose the best, densest foods that provide you with the best nutritional values for your body.

You've been given some good links.

Best wishes.

Once you gain; work at maintaining.

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8/31/13 2:27 A

Hi - below is a link That will help you with gaining weight a healthy way.

Good luck,

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8/31/13 12:37 A

Eat a lot of the good fats, nuts, legumes, avocado, and have a high carb diet rich in whole wheat flour, brown rice, barley, oats, just to name a few. It is also good to make sure you still limit yourself on the bad fats from red meats, and anything that has fat that is solid at room temperature.. that's the rule of thumb learned from nutrition class. Any fatty food that is more or less liquid at room temperature is better for you due to there being less trans and saturated fats. While gaining weight, be sure to keep eating healthy becuase even with someone at a healthy weight, if they choose the wrong foods, they can be just as unhealthy on the inside as someone who is obese.

Here's a team you can join too!

TERRI-SUEE7 Posts: 85
8/30/13 10:10 P

I actually have to gain a few pounds. what would be the right way to go about it?

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