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10/16/12 7:05 P

Thanks everyone. I probably just need to give it more time. For the most part I am eating way healthier than before and am more active. maybe i just need to relax. Thanks everyone for their advice!

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10/16/12 8:49 A

Try weighing yourself at the same time every day. Weight fluctuates throughout the day. I can go up as many as 3lbs in a single day but it's not fat gain, it's usually water/food gain or even caused by hormones. I weigh myself first thing in the morning before I eat or drink anything. That way I get a nice base weight. I've found this has been the most accurate way to measure my weight and this way I don't experience much fluctuation unless it's hormonal.

Measuring inches is typically more accurate than the scale as well. As well as fitness and energy level. When the scale isn't being my friend, I turn to other methods of measuring my progress to keep my motivation up. Even if it's just feeling "healthier" or patting myself on the back for making healthy food choices the last few days or week.

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10/16/12 8:42 A

I have no idea what those pills are, but perhaps the problem is in them.

Others have given you food for thought, as well

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10/16/12 8:40 A

Taking medication which creates weight gain. UGH!

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10/16/12 8:36 A


Sounds to me like you are seeing progress, maybe not to the degree you would like, however, know that weight loss is very seldom a linear process (a continual loss week after week). There may be some weeks where you will lose, some you maintain and as you pointed out, even gain, but this does not mean you are doing anything wrong. Try not to let the scale determine how successful your program is. The scale only tells you how much you weigh at the very moment. Because our bodies are made up mostly of water, any shift in our diet, hydration, workouts and hormones could lead to a shift on the scale, none of this has to do with anything wrong you are doing.

Remember too, that even when you lose your weight, a healthy lifestyle is going to be your new way of living so consider this time as practice in letting go of the bad habits, while integrating new ones into your life.

Stay strong!

Coach Nancy

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10/16/12 8:01 A

I am by no means an expert, but my experience says, get rid of all fast food, processed food, fat-free food (which almost always has a higher sugar content), and things with white flour and sugar. I heard I think Jillian Michaels say eat what grows from the ground and has a mother (animals of course LOL). And by all means get rid of artificial sweeteners (they are deadly for your body), use Stevia or natural sweeteners. Mostly, DON'T GIVE UP and keep educating yourself.

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10/16/12 5:54 A

I have been tracking my calories every single day for the past month or a little more and exercise regularly. (I aim for 10 to 15 hours a week) I drink a lot of water never drank soda to begin with, if i eat high fatty foods i feel sick so i try to avoid it, but im not losing weight. I lost 6 lbs in 3 weeks. but gained 4 lbs back in just 3 days! i also started the CTS360 clinical pills from complete nutrition one week ago and that's suppose to help boost your weight loss. but nothing is happening? what i am doing wrong and what should i do to fix it.. im so confused and unmotivated.. any advice?

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