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6/1/10 7:58 A

It's not possible to gain 5 pounds in two days. I am betting it's water retention. One pound is worth 3500 calories (as in, in order to gain one pound, you would have to eat an extra 3500 calories), five pounds equals an extra 17,500 calories that you would have had to have eaten in those two days. I guess it's possible to eat that many calories, if you really tried hard, but it doesn't seem likely.

GROOVY1977 Posts: 67
6/1/10 7:03 A

Sometimes I gain up to 8 pounds right before my mestral cycle! Could that be it? I usually drop it right after my cycle begins.

6/1/10 6:52 A

thanks for all the responses. i will try eating more. i am a little nervous about it but i will try. also i will cut down on cardio some.

MYLADY4 Posts: 1,185
5/31/10 11:39 A

I agree that most of it should be water weight but you have to make sure that you are eating enough. I was doing the same thing. Lots of cardio and Jillian DVD's, eating 1400-1500 a day and nothing. Just went back to low carb and eating way more and I am starting to lose again. I did not want to cut back on the cardio since I like jogging and biking and the feeling that I get when I am doing it and done so my only choice was to eat more.

I would suggest to try to eat more calories by eating some nuts. It does not take much to get in a bunch more calories.

Good Luck


2RCSATHOME Posts: 455
5/31/10 11:34 A

DO NOT WORRY-those 2 days are behind you now-just start moving-eat right & know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!

SUMSUMS SparkPoints: (15,165)
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5/31/10 11:21 A

I cant believe no one has said this yet. But if you are tracking your food right, you are NOT eating anywhere near enough for that amount of working out. i see 1,500 calories, and then 1,000 calories. You are burning more than that in workouts , not including what your body normally burns. I would cut back to 45-60 min a day, and stick to around 1500-1600 calories a day

ITSALMOST30 Posts: 533
5/31/10 11:10 A

It's probably a little more cardio than you need. The strength training sounds fine though. I'm currently doing 50 minutes of cardio six days a week. Instead of adding more time I'm adding more resistance. I'm also doing strength training three days a week and my weight loss is also stagnant since I've been working out. However, I'm sure that my body will catch up soon and I'll start dropping.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,993
5/31/10 9:57 A

Hi Tanya

I think 45-60 minutes of cardio, 4-5 days a week is more than enough to reach your goals. If you're exercising M-F right now, you might consider breaking up your rest days over the week so that you aren't exercising 5 days in a row every week. Most of the time it's intensity that really matters- you can get a great workout in 20 minutes, or a not-so-great workout in 40 minutes. So consider doing some shorter, higher intensity workouts to mix things up.

Coach Jen

ELLE4PETS Posts: 145
5/31/10 8:51 A

It is common for the human body to have anywhere from a 2 pound weight change daily due to changes in fluid. A 5 pound weight gain is not typical for one day change. If you notice any swelling in your lower extremities or fatigue more quickly, or have difficulty in breathing you should consult your doctor. If this weight gain continues and you aren't increasing your caloric intake then you should consult your doctor as to the reason of this weight gain.

5/31/10 7:08 A

mon, wed, fri, i do cardio with strenght training thats about 90 minutes. tues and thursday i just do cardio and its a little over an hour probably about
80 minutes. am i doing too much? i think so. i took two days this weekend but i think maybe i need to take a couple more off then start over. what do you think?

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,993
5/31/10 6:36 A

I agree that it's water weight. There's no way you could have gained 5 lbs of fat in 2 days.

Is there a reason you're exercising for so long each day? How long are your cardio and strength sessions, and how many days are you doing each of them per week?

Coach Jen

QUANNA76 Posts: 969
5/31/10 6:11 A

its most likely water weight if u are doing everything right.

HORSIFIED1 Posts: 659
5/31/10 4:40 A

If you are working out really hard, you muscles can retain water. Also, the body weight can fluctuate several pounds just within a day. This is usually water weight. Wait a few days and weigh again and see if there is a difference. Don't get discouraged...know you are getting healthier. Hang in will even out. You could be losing inches as well and gaining muscle.

PUDLECRAZY Posts: 4,471
5/31/10 2:59 A

Could it be water retention?

5/31/10 2:52 A

is it possible to gain 5 pounds in two days?
i weighed myself on friday and it was the normal 159.
i weighed myself today (sunday) it says 164. is that possible? i know ive been doing alot of strentgh training this last week and thats why i havent lost any weight but i cant believe ive gained 5 pounds.also, im wondering if im exercising too much because most days i exercise for about 90 minutes a day and im wondering should i decrease my exercise.
i started back exercising 3 months ago and it took me two months to lose 6 pounds, and i was exercising like crazy then i went on vacation and didnt exercise for a week and lost 6 pounds. im confused. should stop exercising for a few days because i dont know where those 5 pounds came from.

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