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CATHY49 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/20/11 10:35 A

I love walking/running on the treadmill. I walk a minute and run two. It is great! I also use the elliptical and stationary bike. I like to rotate so I don't get bored. I also love Coach Nicole's Bootcamp, and New You Bootcamp.

NAADEI Posts: 23
8/20/11 10:09 A

zumba! it's fantastic for your waist and you have a laugh!

JOABEHR SparkPoints: (0)
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8/20/11 8:50 A

I love doing the wii just dance, zumba and fit with my kids. Also my two dogs keep me motivated they demand a walk in the morning and a walk at night, for at least 45 minutes each time.

SUZANNA_XX Posts: 292
8/20/11 8:48 A


SOMANAUT SparkPoints: (0)
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8/19/11 9:36 P

Yoga, hooping, biking, rollerblading, and hiking adventures!

8/19/11 4:34 P

I agree with a prior poster - evening walks, with a companion when possible. Walking alone & enjoying the sights. Or walking & chatting which makes the time go very quickly. Not only do you get your exercise, you can get in a good visit. Besides, being too far from the kitchen to grab a snack is good also!

FIREFLY78 Posts: 50
8/19/11 3:49 P

going for a run along side the kids when they bike. Great family time...they speed right along and encourage me to get moving.

RECIPE4ME Posts: 382
8/19/11 2:59 P

after dinner, evening walks.. with friends... great cause you're walking and talking, don't realize you're exercising.

ROCKIESLOVER SparkPoints: (0)
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8/19/11 12:21 P

I love hiking right now, but we had our first bit of snow last night ( I live in Calgary, Canada), so that will probably change to snowboarding in the next month or so. Anything to do with being in the mountains, is so fun and healthy!

GETIT2GETHER SparkPoints: (35,282)
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8/19/11 11:26 A

Dancing with the Grandkids. It is a blast!

PGNBRI SparkPoints: (30,053)
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Posts: 351
8/19/11 10:51 A

Zumba is definitely my favorite. Its what taught me that exercise doesn't have to be a chore!

NALAYB Posts: 2,411
8/19/11 10:44 A

Turbo fire workouts! The music is so fun and works up lots of sweat!

DONNACFIT SparkPoints: (78,172)
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Posts: 1,747
8/19/11 9:37 A

Yard work, gardening, walking are all ways I keep fit...

KIRBYFAN90 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 32
8/19/11 7:39 A

play outside with your kids or younger siblings

8/19/11 7:23 A

Dancing is fun and the crazier the better. I put on my ipod and listen to dance tracks while doing light chores around the house. I sing and jump and play and flail around. No choreography needed. You will sweat puddles! I look ridiculous but I am so over being self-conscious about it. Before you know it, 30 minutes have flown by and then I am on to my next 30.

CAPUCINEN SparkPoints: (12,974)
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Posts: 48
8/19/11 6:35 A

I swear by (weighted) hula hooping! It's fun, burns lots and I can watch tv series at the same time!
Just bought wrist weights to tone my arms more while they are just hanging there :)

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
8/18/11 11:30 P

Consider a kettlebell class if your gym offers one. Water aerobics can be a great change of pace and very effective as well.

8/18/11 10:20 P

Belly dancing. It tones the whole body, arms, abs, hips, butt.

Lost four inches around my middle already. Started in March and I am quite addicted now.

BELLATRIX84 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 29
8/18/11 10:01 P

dacing with my kids playing just dance2

IMREITE SparkPoints: (422,762)
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8/18/11 9:54 P

yard work, mowing lawn (as long as i have my mp3 player)

LJS61571 SparkPoints: (3,580)
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Posts: 57
8/18/11 9:16 P

hula hooping with my daughters! turning on music and dancing with them. doing iether one for 20 minutes IS a workout!

MAYBER SparkPoints: (120,147)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 9,764
8/18/11 7:44 P

Walking in the neighborhood and noticing the changes and meeting the people who have moved in this last year enjoying just being outdoors and living one more day

BASTET2 Posts: 2,461
8/18/11 6:10 P

I have arthritis and fibro myalgia. Just walking is sometimes difficult. So, I bought one of those above the ground pools and my son set it up. (the kind with the ring at the top). It is about 4.5 feet deep and I'm only 5.3, so it is PERFECT for me. I listen to talk radio while I swim and exercise. It has increased my mobility substantially! I work out between 2-8 hours a week in the pool! This is the second summer I have had it and I am so not looking forward to winter because I just love my pool! (If you buy one, make sure the gound is level under the pool, or you'll have a lot of problems!)

BIRCHCAMP SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,800)
Posts: 1,621
8/18/11 5:54 P

I can't stand doing something that doesn't seem productive. So I get my workouts gardening (digging, weeding, hauling mulch, etc.); house cleaning (scrubbing floors, shower walls, toilet bowls); walking the dog (or running the dog if you like), anything that breaks a sweat...

YVETTE444 SparkPoints: (6,836)
Fitness Minutes: (2,700)
Posts: 101
8/18/11 5:44 P

The P.A.C.E. program by Dr. Al Sears!!

FRENCHIFAL SparkPoints: (144,681)
Fitness Minutes: (134,054)
Posts: 2,617
8/18/11 5:08 P

Dancing is a great way to get fit, and you can do it anytime, anywhere! Usually, I get my dancing in while I'm dusting, vacuuming, and cooking!

When I'm watching TV, I also pull out the stepper and do some step aerobics. Again, it's really a great workout, and since you're watching your show or your movie you'll be having fun. Using a stability ball instead of chair or couch while you're watching TV also helps, you have to use your muscles to stay balanced and you can mix in some crunches, pushups, etc.

JRG208 Posts: 1,274
8/18/11 3:59 P

I also am a Zumba lover! Cardio kickboxing is also great!

8/18/11 12:14 P

Playing outside with the grandkids

PATRICIAANN46 Posts: 19,513
8/18/11 11:38 A

My family loves to swim, play tennis, walk, hike in our woods, bike, and we actually work together quite well too (gardening,yardwork, projects).

BUDIES31771 SparkPoints: (61,233)
Fitness Minutes: (57,983)
Posts: 1,500
8/18/11 9:20 A

I enjoy kickboxing, it is a great all body workout, and if you have any stress to beat away, this class will do the trick :)

8/18/11 8:03 A

I LOVE to dance as well...I just bought an omron (sp?) pedometer fitness tracker @ (big sale for the next few days) I think pedometers/trackers are highly motivating my last one was wonderful til it went thru the laundry. emoticon

SUZANNA_XX Posts: 292
8/18/11 7:53 A

Dancing to your favourite music emoticon emoticon

CATHY49 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (56,424)
Posts: 1,573
8/18/11 7:44 A

After years paying for a gym, my husband and I have invested in our own fitness equipment. We have a treadmill, an elliptical, and a stationary bike. We added free weights, a stability ball, and a resistance band for Coach Nicole's workouts. The best thing is that it is open 24/7!

MAKINYEMI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (18,155)
Posts: 661
8/18/11 7:26 A

I try to buddy up with positive people. You need others to keep you motivated.

PEDAL-PUSHER Posts: 6,501
8/18/11 7:24 A

I walk daily........with the dog or with a friend........great way to bond! I also bike weekly, sometimes with a friend....again, great way to get to know one another. I LOVE to dance! No class, nothing fancy, just let the music out! I was at an oldies show last Saturday, dancing with my childhood friend, dancing like we did almost 50 years ago!

GOING-STRONG Posts: 7,042
8/18/11 1:24 A

I go to classes at the gym every week day. Always fun and fresh!

8/17/11 7:10 P

Also another thing that I was going to try out for was the roller derby team in my area. I have been to a couple matches and they are a lot of fun. Yeah there may be some bruises along the way, but you also get to skate and have fun with a bunch of girls! Great way to lose weight with roller skating!

8/17/11 7:07 P

Strip fitness does sound like fun.. Have you heard of flirty girl fitness? It's at home pole dancing basically and looks like a lot of fun. I also wanted to try belly dancing.

HOLALOLA SparkPoints: (33,670)
Fitness Minutes: (93,930)
Posts: 280
8/17/11 6:39 P

Ice skating is my favorite thing to do. Also, dancing in a club is great exercise while you're hanging out with friends.

I also started punching my boyfriend's punching bag as a stress reliever and it turns out, it's fun to punch stuff! I'm thinking about taking a boxing class.

COROZALOVE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,435)
Posts: 254
8/17/11 5:37 P

Take a dance class,especially a dance that forces you to move quickly,salsa,merengue or even a belly dancing class,you will have fun and also meet some very fun people,while losing weight and toning your body.

8/17/11 3:09 P

Try hoop dancing! It is alot of fun and burns a bit of calories.

CANRUNNER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,416)
Posts: 259
8/17/11 2:38 P

Boot camp!

LAURATYRRELLS SparkPoints: (3,255)
Fitness Minutes: (3,572)
Posts: 29
8/17/11 2:35 P

I have wanted to try strip fitness for a while, but I'd like to get in better shape so that I can actually do a move for longer than 3 seconds! I cant even do a pull up! LOL. Strip fitness sounds like so much fun! I researched it a while back and it seems like a great and fun way to get in shape and add some muscle.Who cares what other people think? You know what you will use it for. And its not like just because you took a strip fitness class you are some kind of deviant.

SLYSAM SparkPoints: (43,184)
Fitness Minutes: (110,991)
Posts: 1,474
8/17/11 2:13 P

If you want to try pole dancing and your gym offers it, why not? I tried a women's pole dancing workshop once. It was fun and a challenging workout especially for my upper body and core strength. I was surprised at my sore muscles the next day! If it were convenient and local I would do it. The class was all women and everyone was clothed so I am not sure why there would be a stigma. No one outside the class would even know unless you tell them. I tried some of the Carmen Electra dvds and did not find them to be a good workout for me as they did not elevate my heart rate very much at all, but that is subjective. Keep trying different things and continue with those you like and and challenging as workouts. You don't have to ever use cardio machines if you don't want to, I rarely do just because there are so many other activities with a cardio effect that I enjoy. Don't neglect strength training though.

77PINKLADY Posts: 612
8/17/11 1:59 P

Since you like the high energy stuff, try a kickboxing class. It's a great stress release. I too love zumba and get a great burn from it. Wouldn't mind taking poledancing class for fun but not sure they are offerend here in rural Virginia. emoticon

SSORENSEN1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (31,070)
Posts: 295
8/17/11 1:34 P

walking, swimming and biking for me

TIGGER2094 Posts: 511
8/17/11 12:55 P

pole dancing, burlesque, stripping.

if you are really embarrassed about trying it for the first time, google it. i know, you might run into some things you don't want to see, but if you google "pole dance for fitness", "burlesque exercises", "carmen electra striptease for fitness" something like that, you should find something. belly dancing is fun, too.

BRITNEY2008 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 3
8/17/11 12:51 P

I was thinking about doing the same thing. I think a pole dancing class would be a great work out and a great way to help my self esteem.

BTLSMUM SparkPoints: (40,595)
Fitness Minutes: (21,699)
Posts: 490
8/17/11 12:01 P

I know a couple of girls who took pole dancing classes for a year or so. They are both in amazing shape and say that pole dancing was really challenging. I plan on giving it a try over the winter. I really don't care about any potential stigma. For one, it's pretty obvious to look at me that no one would ever want to see me naked. For two, who cares if people thought I was a stripper. LOL

I play roller derby. It's super-fun and a practices are a great workout. I've take quite a few speed skating classes and I can tell you it is a killer workout, especially if you do it on quad skates as opposed to inlines.

I love boot camp classes and I'm hooked on TRX. I've done a lot of boxing classes in the past at an old school boxing gym. Those are super-fun and a great way to build conditioning.

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POLKADOTS71 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,090)
Posts: 4
8/17/11 11:55 A

Im not a stranger to exercise but the repetitive notion of going to the gym and running stationary whilst I listen to my ipod isnt fun.
I have recently started to get into the classes they offer at the gym my favourties are step, pump (a high past weights class to build muscle tone).
Recently ive started a zumba class which is amazing so much fun you sweat loads and after doing it for a few weeks I feel that my stamina is so much better and im able to keep up with more cardo activities i hardly notice im working - im an addict.
Its made me want to presue different fun activities and wondered has anybody discovered anything fun to do? I've been looking into pole dancing as this looks fun and ive hurd it offeres a really good work out although im slightly put off by the stigma around it if it will give the wrong impression. Any suggestions??

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