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1/26/13 8:13 A

No, scales don't lie, you should be frustrated with your results and not the scale if you don't like it.

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1/26/13 6:06 A

ditto on what dragonchilde said. Take a few min and go through your weigh ins and change them to the number they should have been; the tracker will change accordingly.
Better to know your real weight than be lulled with false underestimations.
I think my scale is bad as well (its a cheap plastic thing; if I move it a foot one way or another I magically lose/gain a kg or two -_-; )... I'm getting a nice one with a fat % guesstimator (though I still think they can't *really* tell that) and so on once I go home in mid Feb.
I don't doubt I'll be shifting my values as well.

INNERBEAUTY78 Posts: 217
1/25/13 2:11 P

I personally stay away from the scale completely. I used to weigh myself all the time, but became obsessed with the numbers. Even if I felt good about myself those numbers would discourage me big time. I've decided this time around to focus on how my clothes fit and how I feel about myself in general.

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1/25/13 2:05 P

I had the same thing happen when I got my new scale. The only difference is that I knew mine was consistently 5 lbs too low.

The important thing is that you DID lose that 5 lb. I would suggest going back and changing any past weigh-ins to reflect the real number. What matters is the change in your weight... not the actual numbers themselves!

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1/25/13 1:49 P

Your ticker shows 171. Not sure what you are asking?

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1/25/13 1:39 P

Ok I think I have to be honest here and say I think I need help with the ''ticker" I want to show the new weight since I bought a new scale yesterday this new scale is showing me a 10lbs difference so I originally put my old scale weight which was 161... The new "FAT"" Weight on the scale is showing me Im really 171 ugh.... not happy but Id rather know that this new scale is correct then going to the dr and having a heart attack when she tells me the higher number my problem is I want to change the ticker to reflect the new FAT weight~ I dont want to be cheating myself into thinking Im thinner when the numbers tell me different... I still lost 5lbs .

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