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6/18/13 10:51 A

Avocados are good for you, I have 3 a week, (Dr.Oz). One small one has 234 calories, 10mgsodium, 1g sugar, and 2.9 g protein.. Its FRYING that bad.. Lots of calories when you have something fried, verses something baked or grilled.....

6/17/13 5:39 A

Perhaps, Detox55, but take heart. When it comes to making insulting blanket generalizations about the cuisine of an entire nation, I'm sure you have us all beat.

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6/17/13 3:41 A

Woah...I have to hand it to you Americans; you sure know how to make healthy food completely unappetising!

6/17/13 2:58 A

I think the calorie count in that recipe is probably pretty far off. No, a deep-fried, battered, cheese-filled avocado will never be health food, but it's got probably about half the calories as that recipe suggests.

711 calories for half an avocado, 1422 for a whole one. (The recipe posted upthread states 1600 calories for half an avocado, which is too high.)

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6/16/13 8:08 P

OMG! That's more than my total calorie allowance for the day! PLUS11,000+ grams of sodium! Yeah -- I don't think I'll be eating one of those. Maybe mix all the ingredients inside then add some avocado and eat it as a salad?

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6/16/13 6:34 P

DRAGONCHILDE I found this too and I guess that's what I am going to go with..and def. pick something better next time! I knew it would be a big calorie spend but not that much!

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6/16/13 6:09 P

I can tell you one thing... it's going to be a serious calorie bomb. Avocado's super healthy, but high calorie; I can't imagine breading and deep frying it is going to be kind to the calorie count in any way.

I couldn't find anything specific for your suggestion, but I did find this, which is similar:

And has over 1600 calories.

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6/16/13 4:02 P

This really won't help much this time around - but I measure everything out and separate my food into servings. It's a little more work but it helps me accurately track everything that goes in and out of me.

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6/16/13 3:57 P

There is breading on the outside of the avocado and on the inside its the fajita chicken meat and melted cheddar cheese...Something with so few ingredients shouldn't be so hard to figure out lol I am sure it was cooked in some oil but that's about it

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
6/16/13 3:33 P

Can you identify the ingredients in it and estimate how much of everything there is, plugging those ingredients in to your tracker?

I'm guessing there's avocado, chicken, maybe bell peppers, oil. Is there a mayo/cream based sauce? Is there breading for the fried part of it? Other ingredients that you can spot?

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6/16/13 2:52 P

Can anyone help me roughly calculate the calories for a fajita chicken stuffed fried avocado?

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