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4/10/13 5:10 P

That is awesome--thanks for sharing!

Coach Nancy

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4/10/13 5:05 P

Actually last month they featured the spark people workout. They change the videos out every month or so I guess so you dont get board. I just like using comcast because I am already paying the bill for cable so I might as well use it and its easier to see my bigger tv than my laptop while working out. But I'm almost blind as a bat.

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4/10/13 4:56 P

Great idea. By the way, the workout videos on here are great too.

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4/10/13 4:41 P

I started browsing this board and I noticed a lot of people were asking about indoor workouts. I wanted to share something I found on my tv. Comcast on demand has free exercise videos. You go to on demand, sports and fitness, fitness, and then you click the category you want. They have walking, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, aerobics, and a few others. They even have workouts for kids. They are all free. I use them when I am tired of zumba with my wii and I'm too lazy to go to the gym. Just wanted to share in case anybody has comcast and didn't know.

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