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CGEM61 Posts: 1,300
8/10/13 12:15 A

I was very happy in the 120 area, it seems as if my weight gain happened overnight, of course it did not but it is like you said your going to be careful about it and that is a good idea!

GYMRAT54 Posts: 1,806
8/8/13 8:55 P


as a matter of fact, I am only 5 feet tall. I've been told I should weigh 118. I would love to lose at least 5 pounds. It doesn't necessarily have to happen in a month.

I did weigh 122-124 for quite awhile. Then my weight crept back up to 128.
I want to lose those pounds before I find myself gaining any more!

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8/8/13 1:24 P

If this a new advertising strategy, SP had best be careful with the wording and disclaimers lest it get in trouble with the FTC or the BBB. I've seen the advertisement but didn't pay attention to it to see if they had the typical "Results not typical" message in small font somewhere on the ad.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
8/8/13 1:18 P


You already have your personalized plan; they gave you a calorie range to eat that will change if you change your exercise plan.

The advertisement you saw is for new members who are obese. It's not for you. There is no personalized plan in the world that will let a 128-pound woman safely lose 10 pounds in a month. A safe rate of loss is about 2-3% of EXCESS body weight per week. IF you have any excess weight, it's not more than 10 pounds, so in your case, you're looking at about 1/4 lb per week. Weight loss is also considerably faster in the 2-4 weeks of a new plan, so you're already past that beginning stage that would allow an obese person to get close to 10 lbs per month.

Unless you're under 5 feet tall, you are not actually overweight. If you're not overweight, weight loss is completely unpredictable regardless of what plan you follow. If you're over 5'0", 2 pounds per month would be a big loss for you; 10 is not in any way reasonable.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
8/8/13 11:20 A

So when you're on your Start page, on the left side is a section called "My Goals and Progress" - the bottom one will say "21 pounds lost" (or however many pounds you've lost). Underneath that is a link "change goal". This is where you enter your target weight and your timeframe for losing. I can see you've done this at least once because you have a ticker under your posts with a goal weight, but it took me a while to rediscover it as well. You CAN set up the page to calculate calories for maintenance, but it's also a great tool for doing the math for you to create a deficit.

On our start page again, right above the "X pounds lost" is another number - "1200 calories to burn this week". Again you can change the goal to determine how many calories you burn through exercise. If you choose a higher number of calories to burn, you should get a higher range of calories you can eat. So yes, it does mean that you can set that number to zero, and there aren't set exercises you have to do. If you set your target to 500 calories to burn, and you decide to burn all 500 calories doing nothing but jumping jacks, that's entirely up to you. Or you can choose to use the workout generator if you're not really sure where to start and could use the suggestions. The workout generator isn't necessarily personalized in that "if you do exactly these exercises, you will lose weight" - it's more "this person enjoys these types of exercises and is looking to strengthen these body parts, so here are some ideas".

Does that help?

GYMRAT54 Posts: 1,806
8/8/13 8:12 A

I'm just trying to understand this. So bear with me, here.

If I'm understanding you correctly, if after I enter my current and target weight, the nutrition tracker will tell me my calorie range and how many grams of carbs, fat and protein to eat each day to assure me I'm eating enough and what I should be eating to lose those pounds.

However, on the weight tracker page, I see where I enter my current weight. Where on here do I enter my target weight? If there is no place to enter both your current and target weight, how would the nutrition tracker know how much you should eat to lose "x" number of pounds? I thought the nutrition tracker was telling you how much you needed to eat to help you maintain your current weight. Am I wrong about this?

When you say the workout generator is an entirely different tool, are you saying this personalized plan is strictly tied in to the nutrition tracker and has nothing to do with exercising? Does this mean you don't need to exercise or the time you spend exercising (how long per day or the number of days per week) or type of exercise (strength training or cardio) doesn't matter? I was thinking you would want to use both the nutrition tracker and the workout generator together every day to monitor watch what you eat for the calories you burn while exercising in order to lose the weight you want to lose.

Or are you saying that the workout generator is a tool to generate a workout but you don't need it if you can design your own workout?

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
8/7/13 8:47 P

No, that's it - that's the whole plan. There's not a specific "do these exercises to lose 10 pounds" plan. You just sign up, Spark asks how many calories you plan to burn (not through any specific exercises) and the personal info like height/weight/target weight, and then tells you to burn those calories while eating between X and X+350 calories a day. That's your personalized plan. The workout generator is an entirely different tool.

Dragonchilde, I think you only see it when you're not logged in. It's basically the SP sales pitch for people considering signing up.

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DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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8/7/13 8:31 P

I would be more helpful, but I don't know where that plan you're talking about is. I didn't see it on my page.

I will say that you don't really have enough to lose to be likely to lose 10 lbs in a month... for that, you'd need to be over 200 lbs. :)

GYMRAT54 Posts: 1,806
8/7/13 7:41 P

I'm sorry, I'm still confused. I understand the calorie range and using the nutrition tracker.

Just not understanding the fitness side of the plan, how to use the workout generator in this whole thing.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
8/7/13 6:41 P

The calorie ranges based on your fitness activity you get IS your personal plan, you don't need to do anything extra - by being a member, your Start page already encompasses everything you are looking for.

Obviously, to lose 10 pounds you need to first have (more than) 10 pounds to lose, and be able to hit that aggressive goal of 2 lbs per week. Not all of us will lose 10 lbs by 9/18, but new members making big changes and that have a lot to lose may.

GYMRAT54 Posts: 1,806
8/7/13 5:57 P

thanks, dragonchilde, for pointing out where I can click on the workout generator without having to go through the search option. I have to go through the questionnaire each time I want a workout?
How do I use this workout generator as my personalized plan to lose the 10 pounds?

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
Fitness Minutes: (15,905)
Posts: 9,717
8/7/13 5:18 P

The workout generator can be found by clicking on the "Fitness" section under Articles & Videos in the main menu. It's the second option in the middle box on that page.

GYMRAT54 Posts: 1,806
8/7/13 4:43 P

On the SP homepage, I see "Lose 10 Pounds by Sept 18" and "Sign up for a free personalized plan". How do you do sign up for this personalized plan?

I entered personalized plan in the search box and got a "Workout Generator"questionnaire that asked four questions. After clicking on "Next", I got a listing of different workouts I could do.
Is getting this list = signing up for the personalized plan?
If not, then what do I need to do to sign up? Once signed up, where do I go from there?
If it is, this is all nice and good but what do I do with this list of workouts?
Do I go down the list and do one workout on the list each day until Sept 18?
Please explain how this works.

What about the nutrition factor in the personalized plan?
What about the cardio factor and the intensity factor in the personalized plan?

Isn't there a quicker or more direct way to get the workout generator to come up with a workout without having to enter "personalized plan" in the search box and go the questionnaire each time? Is there something on the "fitness tracker" page that you can click on to have the workout generator generate a workout for a given day?

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