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SUZIPAM1 Posts: 1,464
8/20/13 2:43 P

thanks i will take into account what you say

SUZIPAM1 Posts: 1,464
8/20/13 2:41 P

hi walk to work so on my free day i just swim or i do other exercise and i have food that i dont have during the week. i usually have mostly the same so weekends i make soup or a healthy salad out. just be more relaxed and not so structured

8/19/13 9:13 P

I would need to know more about "your plan" for the free day???

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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8/19/13 8:20 P

Calorie cycling has some really solid studies behind it. But as another poster said, "free" can't mean you eat an entire chocolate cake. for a 1200-1500 cal diet, you probably never want to go above 1800. so maybe 300-400 cals more.

BUT, the real key is what is happening at the end of your week. if your calories avergage at 1500 x 7, (so 10,500? - i'm bad at math), then you are ok either way. I remember when people who knew they were having an anniversay or going to a special dinner would eat at the low end of their range every day, so they had an extra 500 or so cals to play with that day.

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8/19/13 5:26 P

Yes. I look forward to my free day.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
8/19/13 1:34 P

Depends what you mean and how "free" you get!

Rest day from exercise? This is GOOD and actually necessary to let your muscles repair and be ready for the next time.

Eating whatever you want in whatever quantities you want? Depends on how "free" you get and what your day to day deficit looks like. Eating a couple hundred calories over your range probably isn't a huge deal. Eating thousands over can undo a weeks worth of work and for some people can set them up for the "I already messed up, why bother" mentality.

For example right now I'm only running a 200-300 calorie deficit daily. If on both weekend days I eat 600 extra calories (or if I include Friday, only 400 extra per day), my entire deficit is wiped out.

I think a day with an extra treat is good within reason, but it should still be tracked and shouldn't be a "free-for-all" day.

SUZIPAM1 Posts: 1,464
8/19/13 1:05 P

is it good to have a free day?

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