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I can suggest to you what I have done, and what my daughter has done for her little boy who has life-threatening allergies to all dairy, eggs, all nuts and kiwifruit. He also has allergies to wheat, soy, citrus, tomatoes .... and the list goes on.

The foods that cause more than nuisance issues need to be eliminated, but some of the others may be able to be tolerated in small occasional doses.

Make a list of all the foods that you CAN eat. Break them down into food groups like protein/fats/carbs/fibre. Some of the foods may appear on more than one list - e.g. beans can appear on protein/fibre/carbs. From that list you should be able to get a balance.

A Dietitian definitely can be a big help in this area, too. When my son was little I was given some hand-outs on even brands of foods (like bread and margarine (dairy issue) that were unsafe, and those that were safe. Some basic recipes were in it too, which for some can be very helpful, and you can learn to build on them.


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SparkPeople does not offer meal plans to those with food allergies or sensitivities. When you have issues such as this, you may want to see if a couple of sessions with a Registered Dietitian can help.

Coach Nancy

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Um, that's actually the opposite of what I'd like to do :) I'm having difficulty thinking of things I CAN eat so I was hoping I could USE the SP meal planner and get recommendations, but there's so many things I can't eat that I don't know what I can LOL! So there's no way to use the SP meal planners but not have certain things show up? (other than being like vegetarian or such that there's options for?)

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I think this link might answer your question.

This is a link to a more complete list of Technical Help Q/As.

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I had tests done recently and found out I'm allergic to a combination of 7 foods that makes it almost impossible to eat anything I don't cook myself.

(corn, potato, milk, wheat, pork, coffee and yeast)

Nearly EVERYTHING premade contains something like corn starch or cheese or whey or yadda and I can't eat it.

So... I wanted to start using the food menus in SP, but I can't find anywhere where it lets you put in things that you have to avoid. ??

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