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I have not gotten to all the appendixes in the book yet, Some of the notes helped but was not sure if she meant fresh or dried herbs. Mainly all I use to season are fresh onions and garlic.
I will look into Mrs Dash.
I have been using squashes for years as pasta and rice replacements, only what I grew myself though during the season.

1/7/13 3:56 P

make a complete listing of the veggies that you can tolerate. This becomes your go to list for side dishes, and substitutions.

I too like the Mrs. Dash products. And in the Sparkpeople cookbook, pages 361-387 is all on using spices, herbs, flavorings, etc.

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Start with the veggies you can eat. Try to add those in. Perhaps substitute couscous for rice. As for seasonings, I am a huge fan of Mrs. Dash. They have a gajillon combos, and, while they're not fresh herbs, they're (usually) under $3 a bottle, and (usually) last a good long while. I use them in salads, on veggies, on meat, etc. Are you ok with zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower? Those are some of my favorites. I love roasting them in the oven. Zucchini is also really yummy with some parmesan cheese baked on top. I like to use zucchini and spaghetti squash as past "replacements" and you can grate cauliflower to take the place of rice. I tink the place to start for flavor is by getting some spice blends, seeing what you like, then perhaps see about creating your own or experimenting with fresh herbs. You can also just take a stroll down the ethnic foods aisle. There are often interesting spice mixes (Chinese 5 Spice is yummy) as well as sauces. You could have a base of the same meat/veggie/grain, but make it taste different every night of the week by trying out some different sauces as well.

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Hi, I have food allergies to the nightshade family like tomatoes, potatoes, peppers of all kinds, okra, eggplant, just to name the main ones; and an intolerance to rice. The majority of the recipes in the spark people cookbook call for most of these foods. I am tired of eating mundane bland foods and I have no idea about herbs and spices. If anyone knows of other foods I can try that are not high priced, for example I heard about quinoa but the price is out of my budget; please let me know. I've tried posting in the people with allergies group, but got 0 replies. thanks

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