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As a runner, it is very important that you do not undercut your calories. Doing so over a period of time may leave you sluggish during your runs, experience poor recovery after your runs and lastly leave you more vulnerable to injury and/or illness as your body competes for the calories and nutrients it needs just for basic biological function.

Runners, especially endurance runners need to focus more on their body composition than they do on the scale and the reason has to do with the changes your body undergoes after running. For one the muscles are making more mitochondria which allow for extra glycogen-stored glucose in the cells- therefore, your body hangs on to more water to help with the cooling off process for exercise and for helping process energy. Your muscles will also have an increase in blood volume in order to have better availability to oxygen and removing waste, especially lactic acid.

Your weight is going to vary. That is all part of a runner's lifestyle. It does not mean you can't or won't lose weight but you need to make sure that you are getting the proper nutrients so you can continue running for a lifetime.

Coach Nancy

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What you're experiencing is perfectly normal. It's nothing more than a temporary shift in your water weight. I too can easily "gain" or lose 3-4 pounds in a day !

Ever notice your weight goes up during TOM ? Most women tend to gain weight during their menstrual cycle. Is that a fat gain ? Nope, that too is nothing more than a temporary water weight gain that passes in a few days. During my cycle, I can gain 5-7 pound pounds.

Also, it's pretty impossible for a woman to gain 3-4 pounds of muscle in a week. It takes women weeks of hard work in order to pack on lean muscle. it doesn't happen so quickly. Even if a woman were on steroids, she wouldn't pack on muscle that fast.

If you see a dramatic jump in the scale overnight or in a week, it's nothing more than a fluctuation in your water. And not to get TMI, did you do a poop ? your body's waste products have weight. So, if you didn't do a poop this morning, that means you still have all the food and water you ate from yesterday still in your intestines.

Also, you mentioned that you increased the amount of exercise you've done. that's another reason you're retaining water. Why ? Your muscles soak up water like a sponge when they've been worked intensely. this is what they are supposed to do. Your muscle fibers will release any excess water they don't need once your body has adapted to the new exercise routine.

In short, what you're experiencing is perfectly normal. it's nothing more than a shift in your water weight.

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First off, pat yourself on the back for the changes you are making in your life - it's a long term commitment you are facing here!

Second, try not to weigh yourself so often. Daily fluctuation of 2-3 lbs are normal (even as high as 5 lbs) based on our monthly cycles, water retention, what we've eaten, and if - well - it's been a while since you've had a good poo!

I would recommend weighing yourself no more often then once per week, and make sure you are in as close to the same conditions each time you do it. For example, always on Wednesdays, right when you wake up, before eating, drinking or showering, after your morning pee. Keep it as consistent as possible.

If you are seeing results in your sleep, energy, and in how your clothes fit, these are the real indicators of positive change more than the scale can ever tell us. Keep at it!

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weighed in at 139.4 1/5/2012. I had begun my eating plan 1/3/2012 but didn't have a scale then. I have stayed within or under my calories each day. I have had all "clean foods"...lean protein, fruits, veggies, limited whole grain carbs...NO alcohol, NO pop, NO sweeteners....Saturday, after my 9 mile run, I was 2 lbs heavier...chalked it up to water retention during the run and muscle building from new workout with a trainer Thurs evening. Today, after my 4 mile run (and 100 cal protein breakfast shake and 1 cup coffee), was 3 lbs heavier than Saturday. What was 16 lbs I needed to lose is now 21! I have been diligently following food plan....very few carbs....and exercing...every day but Sunday. Very frustrated and discouraged!

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